Hati// Managarm

The moon needs also a story..

In one day Hati decided to give up, it wasn’t all of the sudden, it wasn’t all planned out, but sort of both combined. So one day all of the sudden, for the world at least, the wolf they called “Moon Dog” decided to just stop chasing on Mani.

And the moon kept on its route, Mani did not walk its route because Hati was chasing its track the Moon enjoyed in a different manner its walk, it dance, and Hati simply watched. He became a spectator of Mani but also of all the other life that flourished all around him, he saw even Sköll chasing Sól, and they both were beautiful, he saw the first sunrise, and the first sunset. He listened to the rhythm of the forest and to the beat of life itself.

Then one night while watching Mani reflection in the see, all of the sudden he listened to the drum, the first sound of the Ragnarok echoed profoundly in its own gut so he looked up and engulf the moon.

Two drawings now. Because why not.
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