A drawing for today, a picture that gives me so many stories…

She remembers the day the tar of the road seemed to sweat its thoughts in the beaming light of the sun, she remembered it because her body was acting like that road this very day, but all in the opposite temperature.

It began at the end of the evening, when the last rays of the sun left the firmament, a soft tremble reach her from within. She felt the cold that day since the early morning so she did not pay attention, and little by little it build up.

The cold crawled and entered in her bones as if her marrow was producing it.

A shiver from within that kept itself on replay.

It resembled in such a manner like her cells were trying to separate themselves through the cold, from the unity she herself proclaimed as “I”; “me” leaving her with no herself to start with. There was a fraction of a moment when she felt her body dismembered and somehow she could see the fragments of her being all over the place.

A warm hug pulled her back all together, back to that shiver playing on replay, but now at the warm gaze of a hug.

-We are catching a cold aren’t we?- he smiles, she still shivers but looks at him, he stays there and keeps on with the hug. There is a comfortable silence.

Little by little the warmth gets back in her body and prepares to end her day.

Before she surrenders to sleep that night, she remembers the day, all of it she sees the feeling of powerlessness, of being trapped, forsaken, she sees herself stuffing it all down. She remembers it, and before closing her eyes she gathers all the emotions al the feelings all of it, in a tear.

Then she sleeps, good night.

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