I was in touch with a mix of academics, inventors and entrepreneurs as a student in Boston when I started my company American Patent Agency, which helps founders obtain patents on the inventions behind their businesses. While ideas were plentiful, the same could not always be said about venture capital.

As I started building the groundwork for my company, I realized that it was more important for us to work with clients whose business models we believed in instead of the ones with the most immediate financial upside. …

Market research is a standard part of any entrepreneur’s discovery phase. What you may not realize, though, is that you are simultaneously building the groundwork for a prior art search.

In order to receive a patent, you have to have a unique idea that is not already secured by another inventor. A prior art search is meant for entrepreneurs to understand the existing landscape of known ideas and analyze where their work fits in.

As a startup founder, doing your own prior art search can provide valuable insights into the uniqueness of your concept and its position in the marketplace. …

Johan Angel

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