before leaving… handling your overwhelmed and fearful soul

Leaving is painful. If anyone tells the opposite to you, don’t believe it. It hurts, because it is the nature of change.

It had been almost 2 months I decided that I had to leave Budapest, the city where I became what I am today. But to achieve the desired future, I needed to pack up my life and limit it to clothes, a computer and to my sweet memories and came to London.

It hurt, everytime I was thinking on that day I was leaving the well-known places, old (good or bad) habits I had the “What-the-hell-I-am-doing?” feeling and it scared me. But why did it so?

  • I was affraid of leaving things as habits, friends and even my favourite shops etc. — How I handled this feeling was always remembering myself, that new habits, new people had been coming into my life as fast as I couldn’t even realize. That’s how it works.

BUT! They come, when I am open and I need to be open otherwise I fall.

#It’s time to reinvent myself.#

the way my fearkiller works

  • I convert fear into creative energy. How? If I have a fear, (1) I start find the causes (What I am afraid of?), (2) when I found them I analyse them (What are the components?), (3) and then use an elimination method to solve them. (What is/would be the next step?).
  • For example, I am scared of how to find a job as Marketing and Communications Expert in such a metropolis as London. (1) Reason of fear: not finding a job, (2) Analysing the fear: London is big=a lot of people competing with me — hard to be visible, (3) Eliminating the components: start working really hard on getting hired=finding solutions to be visible=creating an attractive CV

Many times I ask myself, if I really want it. The answers is always the same: “Yes, I want.” And when I would loose courage I remember myself to my goals and it triggers me to work harder.