The numbers are in here…
Jon Stokes

I looked at that page, and the only thing I see is that the number of violent crimes went down between 2009 and 2013.

There is another page at that states that while in the same time frame the total number of murder victims went down 9% (consistent with the overall decrease in violent crimes), the percentage of firearm-related victims went up from 67% to 69%.

Not that this affects your point, I think…

While the fact that, compared to for example Germany, the US has a homicide rate that’s 4 times higher but a firearm-related death rate that’s some 50 times higher, says that people mostly substitute missing firearms with other means, the homicide rate is still significantly higher.

I think there is a cultural issue here, and I’d like to see that more in the center of the discussion rather than limiting access to guns. I don’t own a gun, and I don’t quite see that there is a need to own a gun, but that’s me… In any case, I don’t think that limiting the sales of guns will do much to change the problem. (OTOH, I find it really, really stupid that people have to go through a background check when buying from a licensed dealer and don’t when they buy from a guy at a gun show.)

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