Concert Photography POV style!

I always wanted to see how it looks like, when i shoot concerts. So I decided to build a new Photo-Rig that will allows me to photograph and film a concert at the same time.

1. Building my Live Rig

For the video part i bought a GoPro Session, it’s super small, easy to use and build like a tank. 🤖 For the Photos I used my trusty Leica M240, Voigtländer and Yongnuo Setup. The little Bar on the Bottom is a cheap Flash Bar I’ve bought for 9€ at

First Sketch

List of Items:

  1. Leica M (Typ 240)
  2. Voigtländer 15 mm / F 4,5 Super Wide Heliar asphärisch II
  3. GoPro Hero 4 Session
  4. Yongnuo Blitzgerät Speedlite YN565EX II TTL
  5. Canon Flash Sync Cable
  6. Flashbar

The Rig in the Field

After i had it all screwed together at home, I was quite surprised how light it this setup was. THIS WAS A BIG LIE! After 10 min. of shooting my right hand startet to feel like a heavy brick.

The problem was, that i was starting to lose grip on the camera and so my hand started to hurt. I think next time will try to add an extra Leica HandGrip to have more control over the rig.

The final Result

Here we go. The video below show the first video i have recorded with this setup and for me it works quite well. Enjoy HIGHTFIGHTER! :)