TLG Ventures initial stance on Ferrum Network. In-depth review article and video coming soon.

A question that arises always is what would create mass adoption of cryptocurrencies with the mainstream world. We at TLG Ventures believes that an important way to ignite mass adoption will be to create software solutions that solves real world problems or fulfills real world needs. We believe in creating a business model around blockchain technology to address real world problems and needs.

Ferrum Network is a DAG platform that suports the creation of centralized and decentralized applications. After research and hard work, the Ferrum Network team has created 4 applications with common sense use-case and business revenue. The applications are: The Ferrum Wallet and OTC trading platform, The Ferrum Decentralized Exchange, The Kudi Exchange: Fiat Gateway for West Africa, and the Revolutionary Sub-Zero Wallet.

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Script for Ferrum / Ferrum Review Video. About 10 minutes


TLG Ventures are advisors to Ferrum Network. The information presented here is not financial or investment advise. Please do your research before making any investments in this or any other project.


What is Ferrum Network?

Ferrum network is a decentralized network like the Ethereum Network or IOTA but with a unique value proposition — instead of focusing on new coins, it can represent coins in other networks. For example, you can have Ether, Bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens, or coins from almost any other blockchain transacted in the Ferrum Network. This groundbreaking innovation allows for very interesting decentralized and interoperable applications, such as the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange (Fe DEX), Ferrum Wallet and OTC Platform, Kudi Exchange and Ferrum Sub-Zero Wallet. …


Hello Community, we have a lot of exciting updates to bring to you. Since our unveiling in Consensus NYC in march 2018, the Ferrum Team has been hard at work at developing the tech for the product. Below are the development updates.


The Ferrum Beta Wallet is finally a reality. The Ferrum Wallet enables a user to trade in any crypto assets regardless of chain. “The Ferrum Wallet is a game-changer in the world of crypto, the ability to trade any assets with super low fees and lightning quick transactions will revolutionize the industry” says Naeim Yeganeh PhD founder of Ferrum Network. Ferrum beta wallet currently supports FRM tokens, BTC, ETH, True USD, Gemini Dollar, and XRP. “The speed and ease of use is absolutely breathtaking, we are excited to be part of a project that will lead to mass adoption of digital assets” states Ian M. …


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