I am taking up from our blog last week letting us know that our skin carries over 1,000 species of bacteria!!

I am sure like me, this made you squirm; it’s hard to believe we have all those little guys living on the surface of our skin!!

At Germaine de Capuccini we be believe in the balance of this bacteria as if we end up with too many bad bacteria our skin starts to show the negative effects. Some of the signs that you may experience if your bad “bugs” are out of control are:

• Sensitivity

Oily skin — especially if it appears after lunch

• Breakouts

• Blackheads

• Dull skin

If you think this may be you the best thing to do is get in touch with a licensed skin professional at a GdC salon or spa or if you live in an area where we don’t have a GdC skin centre our team of skin professionals at Germaine de Capuccini Australia would be more than happy to help you by arranging a skin analysis over the phone at a time that suits you.

We have many ways to balance these bacteria, if your skin is combination we would recommend the use of Hydracure combination cream as it contains a medium molecular weight of Hyaluronic acid to strengthen the skin’s natural defense system to provide lasting protection against pathogenic bacterial flora. Or if your skin is oily or suffering from breakouts our Purexpert range has a prebiotic functional ingredient of manuka concentrate and willow extract that favors the natural protection and sebum-regulation of the skin.

Contact us at to find a salon or spa in your area or book a time with one of our skin professionals.