NGSchool — Summer School in Bioinformatics. Becoming.

#NGSchool2018: viewing Lublin through a NanoPore

Medieval Lublin
  • Bioinformatics 101
  • Wet-lab 101
  • Juggling
  • De novo genome assembly
  • Precision Oncology. Applications of tumor genome and transcriptome sequencing. Liquid biopsy
  • Algorithms for nucleic sequence alignment
  • Pushing state-of-the art in transcriptomics and metagenomics on the road to personalized medicine
  • Next generation sequencing in clinical diagnosis — what do we need to improve analysis.
  • Variants calling based on long reads.
  • Graph data structures for personalized genomics
  • Magnusiomyces/Saprochaete genome project
  • Molecular biology methods in forensics
  • MinION explained: principles, running and hacking
  • Long reads and Mendelian diseases
  • Construction of a logical model for interpreting the multifactorial risk of disease
  • Block-chain use in science and medicine
  • Insights into the rare and the small: genome sequencing of non-model organisms
  • Genome sequencing reveals how DNA repair is organized in human cells
The lecture in long reads usage for the deciphering of complex SVs
The venue
We started with these scarves and then switched to the proper balls for juggling. Tons of laugh.
  • sequencing and de novo genome assembly
  • metagenomics of oral microbiomes
  • direct RNA-seq & de novo transcriptome assembly
  • human genomics
A small piece of the equipment that we had to bring to the school
Some of us had experience with pipetting. Some — not. But it was really interesting.
Final presentations of the hackathons
We are solving the quest! (scary? nah, it was fun)
That’s how it was.
Pie. Ro. Gi.

#NGSchool2019: learning ex Machina

#NGSchool2.0: To the Future!




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