50th Episode Announcement: Modern Manhood x NextGenMen

Dear awesome listeners,

If you have been a solid listener of Modern Manhood you know that I have been hyping up NextGenMen for a while now. If you don’t know, NextGenMen is a non-profit that specializes in helping young boys, adult men, and enterpreneurs seek out a more equitable place for men and women in society. Personally, they have been a company I have admired from a far because they have amazing people, amazing energy, and for what it looked like were doing the work that I have been wanting to see done for a long time now. Especially in Canada. They were also doing it in a cool, and engaging fashion.

I got a chance to interview one of the founders, Jake Stika, and he said that the loved Modern Manhood and offered me an opportunity for Modern Manhood and NextGenMen to work together. The reason is that they wanted to get into the podcast biz, but saw that what we were doing was mutually beneficial and we did not want to flood the market with two different masculinity podcasts. So we joined forces

Does any of this change for you, the valued listener of Modern Manhood? Well, no not really. Unless you have a problem with NextGenMen (I hope not).

The show itself will stay the same. I will still be interviewing and engaging people to ask questions about masculinity, I will still be supported by the Alberta Podcast Network, so you’ll still hear ads, and people are still welcome to invite themselves on the show to discuss their version of masculinity. But with this NextGenMen will allow their very awesome platform to support the show, help me with guests, and hopefully grow both of our ventures. You will see a different logo, and maybe a different look at modernmanhood.org.

This show still is supported by the APN and by you, the patreons of Modern Manhood. If you want to help us out, it cost as little as 2 dollars a month, go to patreon.com/modernmanpod

Both Jake and I and the people at NextGenMen are working towards the same thing, which is a break down of gender roles in a healthy and empathetic way. In fact, you may hear of who NextGenMen are about, and what they are doing. To be honest, I might’ve done that regardless of my collab, and I’m saying this because I would never want to collaborate with people I don’t trust, admire, or share a common goal. That’s why I wanted to collaborate with Karen Unland and everyone at the Alberta Podcast Network, and that’s why I want to partner with NextGenMen.

I’m very excited about the future of this podcast, and the future of what our partnership brings. I hope you’re excited too.


German A. Villegas