1. The nacho chips are looking scrumptious with that cheddar cheese
  2. Microwaves are college students’ go-to kitchen.
  3. Doing homework isn’t useful when you have an empty stomach
  4. The Patriots beat the Falcons on Thursday. Would have been funny if it was 28–3
  5. Colts are ass, Steelers are ass, and Tom Brady needs to retire
  6. Okay, back to eating these deliciously scrumptious chips dipped in gooey cheddar cheese
  7. If you’re going to do something wrong, at least do it right
  8. Take a look back
  9. Cheese
  10. Scrumptious is a funny word
  11. Family Guy
  12. When will Tom Brady retire?
  13. Will the Bucs go to the SuperBowl this year? Probably not. Antonio Brown is out and they’ve been losing
  14. Even the WFT beat them. That is so embarrassing.
  15. Cheese dipped Nachos
  16. Will Papa Johns have their deals again ?
  17. Thanksgiving Break, let’s go.
  18. Yessir
  19. Kind of tired
  20. I will end this homework now.
  21. Cheese ran out.