Landsberg am Lech — a treasure trove of Gothic and Baroque heritage

Landsberg’s colourful heritage houses seen from the Lech River

Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Lech River, Landsberg’s town centre maintains its medieval character to this day, but it also boasts an impressive scenery of gothic and baroque buildings. A range of towers stands testimony to its rich history, too. Next to nearby Munich, Landsberg am Lech with its population of 28,000 is a true hidden gem.

Things to see and do

On the Romantic Road

Landsberg am Lech is on the “Romantische Straße”

Landsberg am Lech’s tangible history dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was on the salt route leading from the south to the centre of Germany. Today, this scenic route has been themed the “Romantic Road”, which runs 350 km between Würzburg and Füssen in southern Germany, linking a number of picturesque towns and castles. Retracing the footsteps of 12th century traders, many international travellers revel in this “quintessentially German” scenery and culture.

Southern flair in one of Germany’s sunniest cities

Colourful buildings, cultural diversity and a light-hearted vibe make for the charm of this historical city. In summer, the town welcomes visitors with a selection of authentic Italian ice cream parlors. That’s small wonder: according to the German Meteorological Service, Landsberg am Lech is one of the sunniest cities in Germany!

The Ruethenfest: Celebrating 800 years of history

Every four years, Landsberg awakens its eventful history in one of Bavaria’s largest children’s festivals, the ‘Ruethenfest’. Over the course of nine days, citizens dress up in historical costumes to celebrate over 800 years of history with dances, parades, big bonfires, musical performances and culinary delights. The historical parade through festively decorated streets is the highlight of Landsberg’s Ruethenfest. Over 1,000 boys and girls proudly and cheerfully present historical stations — an unforgettable experience. The next Ruethenfest will be held from 12 to 21 July 2019.

The “beautiful” Schmalzturm Tower

The Schmalzturm as seen from Hauptplatz

The Schmalzturm is the oldest tower in Landsberg and is also called Beautiful Tower. It was built in 1260 as part of the first city wall in the ‘Hexenviertel’, or Witches’ Quarter, which today is home to a selection of art studios and galleries. Schmalzturm also creates an iconic backdrop for the main square, ‘Hauptplatz’, where the big Christmas Market is held in winter.

Gothic Bayer Tor

Bayer Gate dates back to 1425

Also towering over the city walls, the Bayer Gate and was built about 1425. This Gothic tower is 36m high and offers you a breathtaking view from the top. You can see much of the old town from there, and also enjoy a panoramic look at the countryside in the Lech River valley.


Much younger but equally impressive is the Mutterturm or Mother’s Tower. Hubert von Herkomer commissioned it in honour of his mother in the 19th century. Nestled at the banks of the river Lech next to Herkomer Museum, it is a much-loved spot for registry office weddings.

British-German Town Twinnings

Town twinnings between British and German cities play an important role in promoting cultural exchange. Landsberg am Lech has been twinned with Bushey in Hertfordshire since 1989.