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In the following article you will learn:

1.What is React

2. What is Redux

3. How to use Redux with React

In the world of web development, there are a number of hip names tossed around — Angular, Vue, React. These are some of the front end frameworks that have gained popularity over the last few years. These frameworks provide a standardized way of creating and deploying parts of web applications. This allows developers to put their energy and focus towards designing a good experience for end users of the application.

What is React JS?

ReactJS basically…

by Germila Saint-Jean @June 2019



For years JavaScript has been relegated to front end development, caged within our client browsers. With the introduction of Node, JavaScript and all of its asynchronous glory has been able to roam freely in the world of back end development, making the language a bona fide double threat.

JavaScript is a scripting language mainly used in interactive web pages but also for servers2 with the use (for example) of Node.js3. It is an object-oriented to prototype language, that is to say that the bases of the language and its main interfaces are provided by objects…

Hello everyone my name is Germila Saint-Jean.It’s always a pleasure for me to share my project with you.I use Ruby on Rails to create it.My project is called “Orphanange Management”


In this lesson you’re going to build a complete Ruby on Rails application that manages related data through complex forms and RESTful routes. The goal of the application is to build a Content Management System, whether the content being managed is Blog Posts, Recipes, a Library of Resources, or any domain model that lends itself to these requirements.Before all let talk about a little about Rails.

What is Rails

Rails is a web…

Hello My name is Germila SAINT-JEAN.I am very passionate about the programming and always looking for new challenges. I am studying at Flatiron School. Let me share with you an application created by using Sinatra “Favorite Books

What is a Sinatra application?

Sinatra is a free and open source software web application library and domain specific language written in Ruby. It is an alternative to other Ruby web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Merb, Nitro, and Camping. It is dependent on the Rack web server interface. It is named after musician Frank Sinatra.

Designed and developed by Sinatra is small and flexible. It…

My name is Germila SAINT-JEAN

I am studying at Flatiron school

I just come to build my first Ruby gem that provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to an external data source
My project’s name is “daily-deal”

A little description of my project:
This is a walk through on setting up a small command line interface to keep show a list of products with the name, the price and the availability.

CLIs are a great tool to have when working in an application where you want a simple, stable interface that provides low level API’s to your application’s data.


Germila Saint-Jean

Haiti @Software Engineer #Student at Ecole Superieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti(ESIH) #Programmer at NouKod #

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