As a Board Certified psychiatrist, I find that Trump has paranoid schizophrenia, as found in the…
Mark Germine

I have already warned about Trump in my last message. I would like to urgently report on a current policy that will cause the death of the dollar and replace it with the “bitcoin,” a new currency that has been increasing in value exponentially since his taking office. This currency has been detailed on the internet.

Bitcoins are already becoming a replacement currency, and will replace the dollar, leading to the dollar becoming worthless. All wealth in dollars will be lost, the dollar will lose its reserve currency status, and our economy will collapse along with the dollar. This is the insane plan of a deranged man in the White House.

There is a malware being planted in computers and costing $600 in bitcoin to be removed, at current value, as the value of the bitcoin explodes. So, people are illegally being forced to buy bitcoins. It will benefit the constituency, the upper 0.1% of the population, and the central banks, among others. The plan is a looming disaster, along with a looming disaster in the environment due to Trumps ignorance. Has psychosis is complex, so one doesn’t know what to expect next.

Mark Germine, MD, MS