Beat stories have been fun so far… but do I want to do one everyday? I find that there is an art to not only writing a good beat story, but getting a good beat story. I think writing comes naturally to some people, and no matter what they choose to write about, it sounds relevant and gets the reader wanting more. But what about the actual story? Here are some pointers I have found useful in creating a good beat story:

  • Find a story that is timely and relevant
  • Think about what your listeners will find interesting
  • Ask the questions that will lead to more information
  • Ask questions that will reveal important facts
  • Let the subject tell their story
  • Don’t say “mhmm” and “yup” during the interview… you will hate the editing process!

Strengths and Weaknesses

The more I interview people, the more I discover about myself. Everyone has their own style, and there is no right or wrong about that, but harness what you have and use it to your advantage. It will take your story from good, to great. Taking control of your interview, without taking over the interview will generate different leads for your subject to follow. You want to hear their story and present it in a way that is relate-able. What kind of story would you want to listen to?