Crazy little thing called social media…

Unlike my fellow BCIT Radio classmates, I am oh so new to this crazy little thing called social media. Perhaps it is because I am one of the older people in the program. Call me old fashion, but I appreciate the real connection between people when they can see and feel each other in person. Since the start of the program, I have been required to tweet, post, blub, bloob, blumble… you get the jist. I have nothing against these requirements, but as all new things come, there is a sense of apprehension. As we were told on that first day we began the program… “once you put it out there, its out there FOREVER…” Way to scare us. Thanks.

Facetweets and Twitbooks

So I figure if this program is where I see myself in the future, I should succumb to social media and embrace the world of opportunity it has to offer. I am trying very hard to convince myself that social media will help me by:

  • keeping me up to date with my fellow radio classmates.
  • helping me to be informed on what is current and relevant in the community.
  • making a name for myself in the broadcast spectrum.
  • providing practice for when I complete the program and require social media for future endeavors.
  • creeping on people I used to know.

Its go time

All in all, I have been enjoying this program and all it has to offer. What does this mean for Gerna and her future in social media? It means you will be seeing alot more of her. I have yet to take my first selfie… and by the way… #itscalledanumbersignorpoundkey.