World “Piece”

So we have this digital story to do for one of our classes…something I have always had anxiety about is people getting to know me. I have lived a colorful life. I have no regrets, but its not something I like to get into. I don’t want to talk about the girl I used to be, or dissect my past in order to reveal why and how I came to be the person I am today. I ripped the band aid off fast when I presented the pitch for my digital story. I used to compete in beauty pageants when I was a teen. Its embarrassing to say the least. The one thing that gave me the cahones to talk about this subject, was listening to everyone else in the class peel away their layers to share intimate details of their lives as well.

What you see…

There is so much more to a person than what you see on the outside. My digital story will touch base on a small fraction of my life. It is only a piece of the person I am, nonetheless, I am still nervous for people to get to know me. After all, I only recently began my journey into social media. This term is challenging me in ways I would never challenge myself. It has never been hard for me to learn new things, but it is hard for me to do new things that involve displaying so much of my life to the public.