“Sucka 4 Lust” a short story by Gerrence George

He told himself she didn’t know any better, that anyone would have done what she did if they were backed against the wall and their hand was forced. He told himself thats why she shot him. He tried to convince himself that she was just doing what she was told. He also told himself that he would never set foot in this city again, let alone this part of town. But she was up there, and that’s all that mattered. He hated himself for still needing to feel her soft almond skin against his, but the truth was, no one ever made him feel as alive as she did. It was if time itself slowed when she was near, so when he heard her frightened but still sultry voice over the phone asking if he could come as soon as possible, the sound was like fresh air blowing through his soul. To be honest, the fact that her voice sounded slightly distressed only charged him with more desire. It almost felt as if five years in prison hadn’t happened at all. Almost. He wasn’t stupid though. He knew there is a good chance it was a trap. Not a problem. He stopped by an old stash house and picked up some high caliber provisions. Simon and his gang of devoted dumbasses could all be up there waiting. Didn’t matter. He’d beaten Simon before. This time he made a promise to himself to make it permanant. It didn’t matter if every room in that building had a goon with an itchy trigger finger waiting to draw down. He knew deep down to his core, that if need be, he’d send every single one of em to hell on the hot lead express just to be able to press his lips against hers one more time. The thought of her perfectly shaped form naked and spread eagle across his motel bed was the last bit of motavation he needed to take the safety off of his pistols and walk to the door.