222 2222 New Beginnings…

222 2222 New Beginnings…

What does it mean when I see the number 2 everywhere? Repetitive 2… like 22, 222, 22.22 and so on?

The new moon is closely linked with the number 2, when you see repetitive 2 it is a sign of new beginnings… AND not to give up, be patient — wait your seed is just below the soil, ready to sprout into a beautiful flower; your creation… 222 or other groups of ‘2’ are reminding you to stay positive… don’t give up just before your seed comes through the soil, to the light of day.

Celebrate your humanness, your dreams are coming true, keep going and…..

Lighten Up!

It is a reminder to take it easy! You ARE on the way to manifesting your dreams.. You just need to ‘do the work’ every single day, and know that even on the most miserable days, your manifestations ARE coming through…. like seeds, sprouting, slowing reaching the light of day… Iof you give up just before the seed bursts through the soil you miss the manifestation.

In terms of creating and manifesting our dreams, I like to describe it in the following stages:

Stage 1.

New Vision or Realisation

You have a dream… you meet a teacher or a mentor who shows you another way — your “Soul’s Path”.

This is your “Call To Adventure” as Joseph Campbell describes it in his book “The Hero’s Journey”. This is the path of the heart.

When you accept the call, you stay in the excitement and follow the path of excitement to manifest your dream.

Stage 2.

Challenge or Testing

In the next stage of the journey, doubt arises… You’ve got clarity on your dream, or the vision you would like to manifest, but then the mind takes over. The job of the mind (or ego) is to protect you. Its sole job is your survival. It is alerted to the fact that you might be taking the path of the heart and it sees that as scary!


If you consider leaving the ‘known’, worries arise — because you’ve trained long and hard to be a lawyer, or a television producer (my past worry), teacher or whatever the job you are considering leaving that simply isn’t bringing you joy — so fear comes up and you think you can’t give it up.


You don’t think you can leave your marriage because of that bit of paper and those promises you made a looooong time ago. You worry about what others will say (the case in every scenario probably).


You don’t think you can move and live in another country because of ALL your worries, and the dreaded word ‘HOW’ (a word I suggest my clients to stop using as it catapults you firmly into your left, logical brain). Nothing wrong with the left brain, but it is limited to what you have learned and experienced, whereas the right brain is unlimited… It is the sphere of the imagination, intuition, synchronicity, magic, and love. You need both sides of your brain to manifest successfully. :)…

Whatever your story, whatever your dream there is something that needs to be released, and something that you need to commit to…. if you are to live a fantastic life, rather than a life of compromise, fear, loneliness… whatever your favourite flavour is ….

“The imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

Doubt & Fear

In this stage we doubt ourselves… many give up in this stage … for many years, or forever. We’re not taught to ‘break out of the system’ so to speak… The ego sees you are about to do something new… and it fears for your safety and survival (if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, it’s quite happy — even if is not good for you… because you have not died… literally, it’s that simple — and crazy). Even if your job is miserable, your relationship is killing you and it’s not good for your partner either, your home is in a built up city that is SO not making you happy, whatever it is for you, the ego will ‘try’ and convince you that it is NOT safe to make a change.

When you think about following your heart it freaks out!


This is the stage of testing… are you committed to your dream … or not?

Many tests come up — your spouse says you can’t leave, they can’t survive without you. Your boss says you’re under contract …

Or your internal doubts come up, maybe you get sick; because you have doubts, you are triggered by those around you. They test you — they doubt your dream. Those who might not have followed their heart are not the most inspiring people to share your heart with (that’s why it’s important to have a mentor, coach or someone who HAS and IS following their bliss). Anything that comes up and doubts your stage one (your vision), is stage two…

This stage is also a sort of ‘safety light switch’. You are being asked -

Are you sure you want to leave your job?

Are you sure you want to leave your marriage?

Are you sure you want to change your vibration and your life…


So the numbers 2, or repeated 2’s are saying don’t give up! It’s a message from your guides, whoever/wherever you seek your guidance from. It is spirit — your higher self, the angels, your ancestors — when they get your attention with repetitive numbers, it’s their way of communicating with you. You CAN do it! You are WELL CAPABLE. You are GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE LOVABLE and YOU ARE WORTHY!

If you say YES you reach…..

Stage 3.

Manifestation & Realisation That You Are A DMB (Divine Magnificent Being)

You manifest your dream!


Remember you’re a God, Goddess, divine magnificent being, spirit having a human experience… If you have a desire you CAN manifest it…. it is law! We are never given a dream, or a desire that is impossible to manifest.

In this stage, you begin to manifest more of what you love. You start to FEEL the vibration of having manifested your dream. You let go… and before you know, you’ve either manifested it, or you realise you’ve manifested something even better. Often, when you are focussed on the ‘big’ dream, you look around and realise you have manifested something you wished for a very long time ago. When you take your mind (and fear) off it, you allow it to come into your life. A type of surrender… of the most powerful kind. That’s what ‘being in your power’ means — it is having a dream, and taking action to manifest it. You ‘do the work’. When you rise to the vibration — the feeling of having what you love… it comes rushing into your life…. 222 You need to keep your vibe high though! To discover how to do this, feel free to ask me…. or remind me to write another blog on this.

You only want what you want, because in the having of it, you think you will feel better.. so feel good anyway!

More 222

This is what others including Doreen Virtue, Crystalinks.com and Drunvalo Melchizidech say about 222.

Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.

New cycle to begin, what are you thinking about when you see it? Same with all triple numbers, what you’re thinking about is what it applies to.

Duality — Polarity — Recognition that we are created by an electromagneticenergy grid. Our polarities that are now merging.

This is the number of standing apart, forging ahead, personal luck, empowerment and charisma. When you see this number the Universe is saying “You can shine your Light in your unique way.” It is also a reminder to keep your personal power even though others may be uncomfortable or resentful of how much you shine or are capable of shining. This number tells you to make your mark on the world in your career or your personal life.

Idealist, Expansive, Visionary, Master Builder, Material Master, Government, Bridge Builder, Alchemy, Universal Transformation, Philanthropic, Angels of Inspired Creativity, Genius, Inspired, Trouble-Shooter, Champion for a Cause, Tycoon.

My Dream

I was sitting in my hammock the other day, drinking my sacred chocolate drink, dreaming of my big and sometimes scary dream. Feeling my bliss, I suddenly had theeee most glorious ‘aha’ moment.

As I looked out over the sea and mountains taking a break from writing my book, I realised I’d manifested a dream I held many years ago. I was living in London, and all I wanted for years, and years was to live by the sea. When I was a television producer it was impossible not to work in London, and then when I became a healer, and coach, I worked in London and I travelled to and from clinics in Harley Street and my NHS job using Shiatsu and Coaching with people with substance misuse issues. There was always an excuse NOT to live my dream… until I bit the bullet and left London to go travelling… For such a long time I never thought I was capable of achieving this dream… Sitting in my house by the sea, with sea views, mountain views, writing my book, a successful coaching practice, running retreats around the world and a fabulous doggy underneath my hammock staring up at me with eyes of unconditional love… There I was, feeling pretty ecstatic and content to be honest. Many years ago, I saw others who’d manifested exactly this, and for SO long I thought I wasn’t good enough, and I had all sorts of other beliefs, that it wasn’t possible.. I wondered ‘how’ I’d do it (I didn’t know then what I know now, that you NEVER worry about the ‘how’). Now that I’m focussed on ANOTHER big dream, that one from a few years back has manifested. When you do the work and serve others… serving yourself first, MAGIC HAPPENS!

So keep going, keep dreaming, spend more time in the dreams, imagining, playing than you do in your ‘stuff’ (negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings) and it WILL happen…. it is law!

Keep your chin up!

Aloha x

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