Average man becoming above average

I’ve recently started my own business in the service of electrical appliances. I was sick of the same crap working for others getting no reward and not happy going to work every second week. Working hard and having the boss getting on your case every few days is no fun. If something wasn’t done his way he would flip even though my way may be better he knows no other way having worked for same company for over 40 years. I left my job last year to pursue working for myself as I love the freedom and tend to work more for myself although it often doesn’t feel like work. I studied hard to learn for my new business but I am far from complete for my job. It is constantly learning as new machines come along. It gets tough when you call to service an appliance and its something you’ve never seen before even though you can narrow down the problem, pin pointing it sometimes gets hard when you haven’t worked on a certain machine before. Trying to sound professional to the client and confident even though you know you have to go do more research or learn about a specific machine gets tough. This can make you start wonder was it the right decision to go start a business why don’t I just go back get a job as an electrician that pays well because it is quiet easy for me to do that and have a good regular income lots of good paying jobs in what i do. But that would have me back in the same spot I was 11 months ago hating my job and becoming stuck like so many people in jobs they hate but are too afraid to do anything about. So I stick to it because I know a time will come with experience that I wont fear them calls and I’ll be at the top of what I do with lots of free time and money to do as I like.

“Dream the impossible dream,fight the unbeatable foe, strive with your last ounce of courage, to reach the unreachable star”

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