How to Earn More Cryptocurrency Creatively

Earning More Cryptocurrency Creatively

You are eager to get rich, aren’t you? You can feel the crypto bulls coming on and you want more Bitcoins to invest. Well, I don’t blame you! I wrote a past article on this topic and did not receive any feedback so I thought I would give it a second try. I discovered a pretty interesting hack in my opinion. The hack is diversification on how to earn more cryptocurrency indirectly using a creative outside the box method. The problem and challenge that Bitcoin/cryptocurrency holders have, is trying to earn or purchase more. Conventional thinking has us believe that we could either:

  1. Daytrade (Too risky in my honest opinion).
  2. Invest in upcoming coins in the way of ICOs (Like trying to win the lottery).
  3. HODL (Holding and waiting until a bull market commences. This does not earn more cryptos).
  4. Stake and/or mine (Potentially expensive upfront and also quite risky in choosing winning POS masternode coins).

The goal has always been to earn more cryptocurrencies by utilizing a low risk, high reward system. Hodling (holding) a crypto ie. Bitcoin until a bull market seems to be the most logical sure shot way of earning valuation but we need to multiply our investments by earning more crypto without having to frequently buy more Bitcoin with our much-needed income. Only if there was a way to invest a portion of our Bitcoin/crypto in a system that earns money which can be used to purchase more crypto. I developed a method that works as I am currently using it for 1 digital asset. Yes, I am building more but there are literally thousands upon thousands of niche markets and locations I doubt if anyone will ever be my direct competition. So let's proceed.

Bitcoin Investment Lead Generating System

The method I have developed converts Bitcoin into a lead generating machine that earns you dollars which thus can be used to buy more cryptocurrency. The method is less risky because you are developing a real-world need, business leads. The mechanism runs as long as you upkeep your website and keep it ranked for your desired organic search terms. The leads are then sold off to the targeted niche market for actual fiat currency which in turn be used to purchase more cryptocurrency. The system is perpetual but you need to put in some research and work. You can choose to develop any number of lead generating websites. In theory, you can build enough sites to make a substantial income but I myself am not there yet as I am still in the first season of running my successful lead generating website.

There are a specific set of skills required in order to build a lead generating website:

  • Intermediate level of web development.
  • Basic keyword research.
  • Advanced level of SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Basic level of digital marketing.
  • Basic level of Cpanel hosting.

I will first breakdown the skillsets required and then provide the step by step procedures to execute and build the system. Don’t worry if you do not have the required skillsets because I provide all the goto solutions.

Web development: I will not explain all the reasons why but you need to use Wordpress CMS (content management system). Wordpress is a no-nonsense proven platform to build ranked websites. Don’t bother getting cute and creative with any other CMS. If you are inexperienced just use service.

Affordable SEO Services Payable with Bitcoin

Keyword research: All you need to understand is how to seek out search terms by competitiveness. The search terms will be based on business niche and location.

SEO: I myself am a seasoned SEO specialist so I understand what is required. You can hire an SEO specialist but I advise as they are well experienced and inexpensive.

Digital marketing: Aside from the SEO you can utilize social media marketing and promotion of your website online. Do you know how to share content posts on Twitter, FB etc.? Basic knowledge is sufficient.

Cpanel hosting: All you need to understand is how to point a nameserver from your domain to a host and know how to set up SSL (secure socket layer). Don’t worry if you don’t understand, I will provide the how-to in the steps. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I always wanted to say that:)

Now for the technicals. Let's get to it step by step, shall we? I will attempt to be as concise and detailed as possible. I am not the best writer so please bear with me.

Lead Generating System to Purchase More Cryptocurrency

  1. Select a business niche. Ever hear of bringing high tech to low tech as a successful means to sell web-based solutions? It's factually true. You need to compete in a business niche that is not very techy so we will research blue collar tradesmen as an example. You can use the following Wikipedia list to help choose, (list of construction trades). Select a niche to research further. For this example, let's use “waterproofer”. I would not advise plumber or electrician as these trades are very competitive. You want to rank with less resistance and quickly so keep that in mind when selecting a niche. The less competitive the niche the faster and easier your lead generating website ranks.
  2. Select a location to rank in. This is when your keyword research kicks in. You do not have to over-research every single search phrase. Simplify it by selecting a city with a medium to low population. Refer to the following list when choosing, (list of United State cities by population). I will select Durham NC. Why? Not overly competitive. The larger the city the more businesses to compete with.
  1. Select the keyword search phrase. Based upon my criteria choices the main keyword phrase will be “affordable waterproofer in Durham NC” and “best waterproofer in Durham NC”. Notice what I did here? I used the words affordable and best. Why? Customers that shop will use these 2 terms when seeking a service and statistically have very high buyer intent which means higher conversion. The remaining search phrases will simply be variations of these 2 base keyword search terms. We want to select phonetic (spoken) searches because customers speak searches into their mobiles and rarely sit in front of desktop computers. Select a small array of terms between 5 and 8.

The final selection will look similar to:

affordable waterproofer in Durham NC
best waterproofer in Durham NC
affordable waterproofer in durham
low cost waterproofer in durham
best waterproofer durham north carolina

4. Purchase your domain name with Bitcoin. I use Namecheap because they offer free whois privacy. Make sure the name is short, memorable and a .com. Do bother with any other TLD. I like to always use the location in the domain because some customers feel loyalty towards their home city. Exact match domains don’t provide an advantage to ranking. I would select a name like or etc. Be creative and make sure the domain name is memorable. They accept Bitcoin.

5. Purchase your hosting with Bitcoin. I advise a cheap shared hosting service just make sure you get SSL (secure socket layer) as an option https. Google provides an advantage to secure websites in terms of ranking. You want to use every advantage you can get in order to rank easier. I would advise you to use Underhost. I have been used many hosting companies over the years but I have had the best experience with Underhost because they have fantastic uptime, general Cpanel with all the bells and whistles, with SSL included for a very low fee. Select a shared hosting single domain service for under 3 dollars. They accept Bitcoin for payment.

6. Setup website with Wordpress payable with Bitcoin. Log into your Namecheap registrar and forward your domain nameservers to your Underhost hosting server and install Wordpress. This is where I seriously advise you to hire a web development service that builds websites from an SEO perspective. I strongly advise you to use services for this task. They can design your website from scratch and get you set up for approximately $800 and includes onsite SEO. Make sure you communicate to them your main targeted keyword phrase. Your website should look professional, be mobile friendly, load quickly, include a local phone number with working contact form with email. The local phone number and email forms will be your lead captures necessary for selling off later.

7. Setup your local VOIP phone number. You will need to add the local phone number to your website to capture lead voicemails. The local VOIP number will be then forwarded to a voicemail, possibly a cell phone or VOIP mobile application. You can use a Google phone local number for free, install a VOIP mobile application of your choice or pay for a local number. I use Twilio service and pay $1/month.

8. Rank your new website with SEO payable with Bitcoin. This skill should be left to the experts. Don’t experiment and risk ruining your backlink profile. Your lead generating website is a digital asset and should be treated as such. I use You can use any of their SEO packages from $199/month. I may be possible you only require 2 months to rank depending on the keyword difficulty. Remember to communicate to them the main keyword phrase you wish to rank for. If you select an easier keyword with “affordable” or “best” they will have an easier time ranking your website quickly.

SEO Packages Payable with Bitcoin at

9. Sell your leads! This is the fun part. You now own a lead generating website and feel empowered. Your voice calls should be documented on a spreadsheet along with your emails. You will then contact your competing websites and tell explain your offer. Generally, a 10% finders fee is acceptable. You can be creative and charge a flat monthly fee or sell leads individually. Be creative in constructing your deal. You also have the option of doing a 301 redirect to their website. Just keep in your mind you are holding all the cards because you are getting the business. Be fair and use ethical business practices to establish a long fruitful B2B relationship. You can use Paypal to send your invoices and then purchase all the cryptocurrency you want. Good luck and thanks for reading!