Ten Ways You Can Start Your Own Business Doing Nothing
Loic Le Meur

Thank you a great article. A friend of mine was walking with his fourteen year old son on the beach and they seen some guys kite surfing. Ross said to his dad I would love to do that but he was too young. Sixteen minimum age for insurance. So at fifteen he blagged his way on to a course. Within a short time he was so good he was giving the classes. He announced to his mum and dad he was leaving school to do kite surfing full time.

So he leaves school and travels to Europe teaching what he loves to do. Two years ago he is on the beach at Dollymount in Dublin and a guy gets into trouble his wires have tangled and he is drowning. Ross goes to his aid and saved his life. Next day he meets the guy in hospital with his wife and children and the guy tweets his thanks and posts on other social media about how Ross Harte saved his life.

Richard Branson of Virgin fame (he is an avid kite surfer)picks up on the story and says to one of his staff this is the sort of guy we need to teach

our guests how to kite surf.

Six weeks later Ross is working as an instructor on Richard’s Island.

When he told his parents he was leaving school they were not jumping over the moon but his mum said “ Ross you are a free sprit do it “

He now lives and works his dream

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