Writing for design students, part 3: three essentials

1. References as evidence

  • that the growth of the internet also led to the expansion of newspapers
  • that newspapers became available in more regional languages (meaning minority languages and / or scripts?)
  • that India’s newspapers are finding new readership internationally

2. Visual documentation

In the spread above, the author has made diagrams to indicate the different typographic colour and texture. Using a diagram allows the reader to focus on the key differences along the lines of text, rather than on the characteristics of specific documents. (Katharina Seidl 2016)
This spread makes good use of different scales: the object is shown in its entirety, which places the type in the context of its use. Then the scaled up images allow the author to draw the reader’s attention to the features that are relevant to the discussion. (Katharina Seidl 2016)
This spread functions in a similar manner: it shows at the top the type at 100% scale, then enlarged so that details can de discerned, and then assembles a set of all the characters in the typeface so that alignments and features can be compared across all letters. (Ueli Kaufmann 2015)
This spread focuses on comparisons across typefaces in use, scaled and aligned so that the reader can easily see how they compose in text. (Ueli Kaufmann 2015)

3. References in the text and the bibliography




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Gerry Leonidas

Gerry Leonidas

opinionated typographer

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