Why does SELFLLERY use cryptocurrency?

Gerryl L Destor
Apr 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Monetizing likes and social activities has become more real than ever. Soon everyone will have a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency on their own content within the multifunctional platform SELFLLERY.

Due to the fact that the presented project is based on the blockchain technology, many people have questions about the appropriateness of cryptocurrency in this case. Some are puzzled by the fact why cryptocurrency is used to convert likes into a valuable resource or rewarding members of advertising campaigns, photo contests and photo quests, but not fiduciary money.

To answer this question we need to start from afar. The thing is that cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency. Its creation and control are based on cryptographic methods, its accounting is decentralized, which makes the system functioning needs blockchain technology.

Super scary blockchain is a link of blocks that store data or a digital register of transactions, deals, contracts. This technology can be represented in the form of a journal of economic transactions, which all records of financial transactions or simply data having a certain value are entered into at the program level. This “log” is simultaneously stored on a set of computers connected to each other via the Internet.

SELFLLERY uses cryptocurrency because blockchain is characterized by triviality of use, speed, transparency and cost. It is impossible to fake the data stored in the blockchain, because each data set has hundreds of thousands of copies. Due to blockchain the process of transferring cryptocurrency is carried out in just a few minutes, and its value is about ten times cheaper than the banking one.

Since the information and records about cryptocurrency, etc, are stored in the blockchain, all the data is genuine. Another reason why SELFLLERY uses cryptocurrency is the absence of third parties and intermediaries, due to this fact the platform guarantees transparency and mathematical accuracy of calculations.

If you have any questions about the project, we are ready to answer in our telegram chat.

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