What Is It Like to Be With a Narcissist?
Mônica Dias

Hi Monica,

I am hoping that you are using a false persona and are actually a fella, because you are writing from a guy’s perspective and keep saying SHE.

Whatever, you are so accurate, I have just been discarded, thrown on the scrapheap at 72 years of age, SHE, has used up or stolen all of my many years of savings, saved for just this time in my life to allow me to relax and float through these final few years in peace and tranquillity.

Instead I am frequently sharing the dogs mashed up kibble to get some substance into my stomach, suffering from four stress induced strokes, and relegated from a very fit and healthy happy go lucky fella to a virtual cripple.

Hopefully one day they will find a cure for narcissists, or the law will change and allow us to practice euthanasia on them at birth, they have what must be one of mankind’s worst mental disorders.

Good luck to you and all who sail in this ship of life, hopefully, we will avoid the rough stormy narcissistic storms and continue into peace and sunshine.

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