Dear Outsiders: Letters from an Abuse Survivor
Suzanna Quintana

Hi Suzanna,

Well said young lady, I am a guy, now 72 years of age and just waiting for August 22nd this year, 2017, for the judge to award me, my divorce from the most despicable, narcissistic, dysfunctional woman that has ever walked this earth. I am a dreamer a true romantic, I trust and love unconditionally. Oh, woe is me, I walked right into her web and have lost everything, between her and her son, they have stripped me naked and thrown me to one side like a snot filled paper tissue, I have served my purpose, they have stolen my savings, my dignity and almost my life, four strokes in four years, all stress related, her legal mouthpiece was a good find for her, he is a worse narcissist than she is. His office is next door to the court house and no one will convince me that he does not know the judge personally, how else can he expect to get away with the lies he writes and his totally abusive notes to me, unless he feels safe that he can abuse not only me, but the law as well. In our community, I was the Mr Fix-it, whatever you needed or wanted, Gerry would sort it, day or night, now I am the leper to be avoided at all costs. So, young lady, lots of love and luck for your future, at least you have some youth on your side with a few years more than me to recover. Now write a check list of things to look out for and secretly tick them off when your next lovely guy tries to get into your heart and soul, me I’m too old for any more messing around, plus, who wants to meet an old has been.

Take care and enjoy your long and happy future.. Gerry

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