Greatnism ideology

Enormously fervid and hearkened, the African man has always been the model, leader and governor of life and humanity. Africa, the lovely mother and source of life, a place everybody should call home has always been shaken. This was done by the devil and evil aliens such as reptilians, pleiadians,etc. Should I mention the evil deeds of Europeans (who are themselves degenerate Blacks by genotype and thus phenotype due to some genes like: SLC24A5, SLC45A2 and HERC2/OCA2)? Actually yes! I will have to pinpoint that.
 Colonization and slave trade weakened Africa both culturally and economically. Members of families had to leave their homes and mother country to be used as machines, without any kind of respect and they were eventually killed. What a qualm! Africans in their respective home lands had to face constant threats, others had to be killed, natural resources were looted, culture was altered, any kind of fortune had to be taken away and most astonishingly POWER over local citizens was withdrawn from our beloved ancestors. A certain kind of resistance was required to liberate our mother land; failing of which Africa had to be enslaved forever.
 Decolonization resulted from powerful, devoted and intelligent brothers. They did not count on their lives which were in danger. Our HEROS will always be remembered. It is understandable that Europeans did not want to relinquish power. They had to find another way to have back Africa. Oh, poor Africans! A new strategy based on diplomacy, military alliances and treaties, etc. were invented to keep this subjugation alive.
 Neocolonialism took over and misery reined. The situation worsened everywhere and in all domains. African leaders were and are still being killed just for advocating for our rights. Civil wars made in Europe always in vogue, and this never cease. Our dear brothers are snared in their political path such that there is always a way to silence them. Isn’t this time to shift from democratic dogmas to a new system of governance? Surely, democracy is good but not the most efficient way of governance.
 Democracy is contrary to dictatorship and sounds great as it is a form of government in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them or through elected representatives and this under a FREE electoral system-a government of the people by the people. Doesn’t this sound great? Of course it does! But it lacks an enormous essence of life-Love. Democracy goes with capitalism and this economic system in which investment in and ownership of means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained mainly by private individuals or corporations. So, what happens to lower class citizens? What happened and continues to happen to our beloved brothers and sisters living in this impoverished Africa? Surely, degeneration and finally annihilation would prevail. Therefore, both democracy and capitalism are not applicable in Africa, at least for now. Alternative measures are thus welcome to take over. So, what options do we have? Amongst many existing political systems, one sounds great as much as democracy. And this is Marxism. This is very nice because it is a socialist system with no social classes. Equality can really be achieved in it. Unfortunately, you cannot wake up in the morning and say that you are shifting from democracy to socialism. And socialism itself has never been totally successful. Hence, a new political system together with a new ideology is needed to fully develop African potential and achieve a really PROSPEROUS AFRICA. This Africa I dream of, this PANAFRICANISM that has been always a dream of greatest Africans can surely be achieved.
 The rebirth of Africa will happen once “panafricanism” is successfully understood by ALL African people. The greatness of Africans will then be known. Greatness to be achieved, we Africans will invest all our being in extrapolating, rehashing, enlightening and indoctrinating African values. Past languor, slip-ups and bungles should also be pinpointed to avoid them in future. A new ideology to hie trough will be “Greatnism”. This encompasses all African values and is not at all in contravention with any fair political or religious system. All African history not a fabricated one, all divine and spiritual activities and technology will be part of this new ideology. Brief, greatnism is an ideology by which all African values, history, culture, religion and technology are taught and indoctrinated to African people to achieve a STRONG Africa, the mother of all, ALL in all.
Below is a diagram depicting the greatnisation stages.

 The world we live in is led by knowledge. This knowledge however is crude and this is the very inception of the problems we face everyday. We therefore must bring in another way to think, to do things, to govern and essentially interact with nature. The cornerstones of learning in our education system will always be: acceptance of Jambo of Imana(Word of God), being in harmony with self, looking and listening to wisdom through reason, and applying the inner wisdom to get to understanding. That is how we will achieve a better standing of living.
Many African universities and academic institutions mete out sketchy programs. What we get on the market is dismaying:graduates who can’t write and/or read! It’s terrible. Those who try, are also far from being sodding to face daily challenges. Something must be done; if not we will never develop. Believe me, without a stronger and firmer academic knowledge, there is no way we will develop, shine and lead over the world.
 Furthermore, this knowledge based economy is not possible especially in Africa because of colonisation of mind. The frustrating thing is that most of those who were supposed to captain others are in a terrible darkness. They don’t even understand the very canonic gist of the struggle we are facing. We must be totally independent if not, never develop.
This independence has been and is still fettered by western governments and juntos. African scholars, politicians, and other savvy people across the globe have tried to find a way out but until today the results are still meagre. This failure can never cease whensoever we don’t have our own education system, with a special program.
A program that is pivoted on teaching AFRICAN history, restoring the AFRICAN values and culture, teaching how to interact expeditiously with nature via Philonatology(a new science to be explained later) and finally indoctrinate the greatnism ideology from which each and everyone will feel confident and committed to be African and work for Africa.

 The word correct means to set or make true, accurate, or right, remove the errors or faults from. Since this correctness is referred to people, there must be something wrong into people to make right or there must be faults or errors to remove from them. So what is that? This undoubtedly is related to humans behaviour and character. And those are: sexual immorality, adultery, theft (and all its other criminological variants), deceit, murder, malice, greed, envy, lewdness, slander, arrogance and folly. Those are fouls a man has by birth. If a better social and psychological influence isn’t present in the environment a man grows into, and if that person does become a leader, that society has something serious to deal with.
An absolute transformation can be achieved by undergoing a serious and rigorous education and training, this being based on mastering philonatology.
 Genuine means possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin. Hence, a genuine leader is the one who has passed philonatological studies and is ideologically endowed with greatnism. He is absolutely right in settlement and has all required aspects to rule over the state.
Both correctness and genuineness will lead to oneness or harmony but also to accountability; the two being the main components of a kalyterocratic regime.

 Here, oneness means unity of thought, feeling, belief, aim, etc. The people who have achieved both correctness and genuineness are able to serve the state as a single person. Teamwork, uniformity, harmony are the characteristics of them. This oneness is very crucial. To achieve it a fastidious treatment must be imposed to all the concerned actors of the system.

 The passed leaders are now to be given leadership of the state. They must be extremely sober and reliable. They are the brain of the state.
Now, we have a suitable political system for Africa. This is achieved via a tight social-cultural environment in which leaders learn to live for one another, to live for others, to live for the state. So far, we must come back to the cause of our misery-democracy.
 Today we are living an absolute impossibility. We are surrounded by all kind of western negative democratic forces. Any African leader who thinks that he can achieve something with this situation is mistaken and unrealistic. What you have achieved with their help can be destroyed any time using this weapon-democracy. Some think that they can survive because they are allies of the west; and thus, they are safe! That is a terrible mistake. With this democracy, they can be ousted in a minute. A petite push in the back of the people is enough to knock them of the state’s leadership. Think about ordinary people who suffer from such dwindling systems! Unite to survive, to be strong and rule over the world.

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