Life was created by IMANA.

Several phenomena can be explained by science or many other fields as known today. However, there are others which remain unclear or simply unknown.

It is known that humans are endowed by “reason” and have a “spiritual force” which connects them to the creator, Imana.

Any person who believes that life has a beginning and is only genetically transmitted can’t explain how reason or that spiritual force is transmitted. For a non believer, it is more complex because even the very beginning of life becomes a serious mystery. The big bang theory, the Darwin theory of evolution or whatever, can’t explain where the very first matter is from. And even if we use those theories it becomes impossible to explain how reason and spiritual force are transmitted.

A new theory is then required and must be there to enlighten the world into another direction where life becomes possible for each and everyone, where nothing at all can threaten us. I first explain the cycle of life and then I will explain the forces under which the reactions become possible. Two perspectives will be explored: the theological perspective and the scientific perspective.

Theological perspective

The origin of life as we know it is very complex and amazingly wonderful. To understand the way life is, we first make an attempt making reference to the Bible.
According to the Chapter one and two of Genesis, we see how Imana created life. And this is depicted by the diagram (the cycle of life), which is explained as follows.
In the beginning Imana created the Ntu. This means that before Imana could create anything at all needed row materials to be used. Imana then created “matter”. All of them were created so that the result be Muntu/Bantu. This is why I call all of the raw materials required to have life: “Ntu”. Here, I mean all the biological, chemical and physical components required to form a physical person.

Imana used those raw materials to create “Bintu”. This means that all things from the sub-atomic level to macroscopic level, even the biggest stars in the universe are in this category. They are arranged in a symmetric and neatened order so that their interaction makes life possible throughout the universe. The only agent that disturbs life is “Muntu”. Now that all the physical components were tidied up and given laws for an eternal life, Imana brought the “Imanaliness” to the physical body to make an identical to Him (Imana), and he was called: “Muntu”. Thus, Muntu equals Kintu plus Imanaliness or Buntu.

But, where is located the “reason” or the “spirit”? Doctors can cure diseases, surgeons can repair any damaged organs, but what misses in someone and causes death? Where is it located? Is it physical? Can it be taken back into the dead corpse to revive it? These are questions which pushed me to add a component of the cycle of life: “Buntu”.
Buntu is this set of immaterial components of life: love, reason and Spirit; but also Jambo. They can never be made or fabricated. They are Imana’s property. For example, there is no way you can create a person in laboratory. Even though all other physical parts were to be made by advanced scientific skills, none can make reason and Spirit and put into that “fabricated person”. This is the reason why I took Buntu as a separate component from “Ntu”.

Well, Muntu is now there and since he had all required properties and characteristics, he had to multiply himself and this gives rise to Bantu. Bantu lived and still live together. Anything which breaks the rules, properties or laws of nature, actually causes death and should be avoided. Since Buntu can never die, just Kintu can die and immediately, Imana takes back Buntu. The raw materials in Kintu go back in the Ntu to be recycled. When Buntu is taken from Muntu, nothing can be done to revive Muntu unless done by Imana or under Imana’s guidance through faith.

Scientific perspective

Now, I explain the cycle of life on the basis of science. This is very difficult at the beginning because there is nowhere to start! Assumptions of evolution, the big bang theory or any other scientific domain are built on already existing matter; and yet matter has origin. Assuming now that matter was there and we know the beginning of it[Imana’s creation], it is possible to understand the cycle, even though some forces can’t be explained by science. Evolution theory, cosmology, cosmogony, physics, and or other fields cannot explain the origin of life.

Evolution view about the origin of life

The Darwin’s theory of evolution as is today built starts from the so called “chemical soup”. The required ingredients that form a cell as we know them: amino acids, sugars, the components of DNA and RNA, lipids, handedness… need to be under specific requirements for life can be made. This put under scrutiny, I surely conclude that there is no way life was formed randomly without a super-intelligent Actor. Even if those ingredients were there as we have them today, no one is able to fabricate from chemicals a single cell. I hereby conclude that Imana is The Creator of life as the cycle of life suggests.

Cosmogonical view about the origin of life.

The big bang theory is in cosmology used to explain that the universe was once a gravitational singularity, and this expanded from its state (hot and dense) following physical laws. But, what is the origin of this singularity? No one knows. Cosmogony being concerned with the origin of life, it must find a connection between theology and other related fields of science such as string theory, Astronomy, the M-theory, brane inflation, etc. I like to say even as a physicist that really, the origin of life is extra-science: it is metaphysical. Philosophy and theology are well placed to elucidate the origin of life.

From the above, it is clear that Imana created life, and is still The Master of it. The laws of science that govern life are embedded in matter from the beginning and the cycle of life is in harmony with science, philosophy and religion.

The ultimate objective of creation of life for Imana was MUNTU. All required physical ingredients Imana needed were created: “Ntu” and were equipped with all properties we know. The only thing Imana did not supply into Ntu is “Imanaliness” or Buntu. This is why despite all efforts we can and will ever be supplied; none will create a Muntu, never. The rest of the cycle here is to be explained as above.

The following is the equations of creation, as it can be read from the cycle of life.
Equation of creation:Mu=Ki+Bu
Where Mu=Muntu, Ki=Kintu and Bu=Buntu.
The forces and conditions under which the processes of creation were fulfilled are: love, Spirit, reason and Jambo. They are all metaphysical. They are a complete set which governs over Muntu’s soul.

The following is the diagram about Buntu.

Any of the components of the diagram above is linked with the other. To be a complete Muntu Imana wants, there should be a perfect balance between the four ingredients of Buntu. They are immortal, and if someone is separated from even one of them, he becomes dangerous to the society and measures should be taken against him. Death is unavoidable if Jambo of Imana is not respected in all aspects.

To gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding one need to be in conformity with the Buntu diagram . This is achieved only if the following steps are mastered and followed.

Step 1: Acceptance of Jambo of Imana
Once Muntu acquires Jambo of Imana, then Imana’s commands are easily stored up within him. This in turn grows to be the foundation of life. Missing this step is living an aweless life. A life without ends, without hope: with nothing at all. A reckless life full of pain and sorrow! 
Step 2: Being in harmony with self, looking and listening to wisdom through reason.
Loosing harmony with self leavens the bereavement of judgment and discernment. Isn’t this a sign of pitfall? For sure it is. This is true definition of the wicked. By wisdom Imana created life. So, looking and listening to it simply means accomplishment of one’s errand on earth. Therefore, since Muntu is rigged with reason since creation, it is by using it to rack up wisdom the hindmost duty.
Step 3: Applying the inner wisdom to get to understanding.
Understanding is the nexus reason uses to grasp intelligible phenomena in the realm of wisdom. Thus, knowledge cannot be extricated without understanding or wisdom. It is crucial noting that among the three correlated dexterities only reason is acquired by creation. Wisdom is acquired by reason and knowledge by understanding wisdom.

Now I jump to the next two components of diagram of Buntu, Spirit and Love. Before, I proceed by; note that all the four elements of Buntu toil together. They can never be separated to reach to the climax purport of creation.

Love is the utmost component without which life becomes futile. Bantu live in a stressful and embroiled world. To endure the everyday grieves we need to be replete with love, but love is divine. It’s with great warmth to realize that love is the marvelous commandment of Imana. As step 1 suggests a loveless Muntu lives an aweless life. Hence, we cannot drawl about Jambo without love. And since Jambo is the foundation (a foundation of rocks) of life and love its paramount commander, I conclude that the two are cruxes of Buntu, and thus life.

Spirit is the vinculum of Muntu and Buntu, but especially, it is the herald of Imana to Muntu, a harbinger of Muntu to Imana. Can Muntu live forlorn without Imana’s cheeriness? Isn’t this simply death? Undoubtedly, it is.

Hence, Buntu is a compact set of metaphysical components which form Muntu, and it is only by Buntu that Bantu differ from other animate creatures. The forces making all Muntu are thus tremendously linked to one another and they make all human life. However, Jambo is the substantial part of Buntu.

Now that we are done with metaphysical fixings of life, let’s now twitch at physical ones. Bintu are awesomely created under Jambo’s conveyance of matter from Ntu. In fact we don’t need to fritter away so much energy delving into the very inception of matter as it has been created by Imana’s powerful shrewdness. Is this being dull or idle? No, it is being dauntless for even a single cell can never be created by Muntu.

Let’s highlight some basic components that would be needed to form a cell, and make a short discussion. I will insist on DNA and RNA components, amino acids, sugars and lipids among many others.

DNA and RNA components
A big question to answer to is how to get the nucleotides (DNA and RNA) without the help of enzymes from a living cell? This is knotty and unfeasible because the chemical reactions require formaldehyde to react with hydrogen cyanide (. The two are deadly poisons. They would destroy proteins that might have formed.
Amino acids
Bintu are laden with many proteins; linear strings of amino acids. Enzymes are special proteins that help chemical reactions to happen. Some reactions are very slow without enzymes that they would effectively never produce enough products to be useful, even given billions of years. The origin of the correct mix of amino acids remains an unsolved problem.
Some sugars can be made just from chemistry without enzymes. However, mechanisms for making sugars without enzymes need an alkaline environment, which is incompatible with the need for amino acids synthesis. A component which is most problematic is Ribose, a sugar that is the backbone of RNA and modified DNA. It is an unstable sugar (it has a short half life or breaks down quickly) in the real world at near-neutral pH. 
Lipids are essential for the formation of a cell membrane that contains the cell contents, as well as for other cell functions. Having much higher energy density than sugars and amino acids, it is unpractical to have them in a chemical soup for origin of life scenarios.

Many other things can be said about life formation in the so called “primeval soup”. It is very clear that such a life is an absolute impossibility and would never happen by chance. Life was created by Imana.

Therefore, all I will be doing will revolve on the fact that life was created by Imana very long ago.

Published by: BAZIKI Gervais

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