Sam Gerstenzang
Apr 5, 2015 · 2 min read
  • Hire better people. You’ll be able to compete with top startups for talent, because your startup work environment combined with the mission of making this country a better place will be a powerful call.
  • Intentionally commoditize your re-usable components and release them as open source
  • Most importantly, you’ll operate on a different set of incentives than most contractors, who aim to increase the cost of each project

  1. Another cool thing you should do is fund a lab to sponsor non-government funded government-related work. Hire the best computer scientists and data nerds to improve the government from the outside.
  2. You will need a relatively large chunk of change to get started, but you should be able to raise donations from Silicon Valley’s wealthy. Start it as a non-profit or an intentionally unprofitable corporation. It should be self-funding once you win your first contracts.

Thanks to Daniel Jackoway

    Sam Gerstenzang

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    Building @askumbrella. Previously building products, teams, and companies at @sidewalklabs & @imgur, investing at @a16z

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