Happy ~10th Anniversary to Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian of Ninja Sex Party

Gertrude Highland

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Danny and Brian are the comedy band Ninja Sex Party.

Wikipedia has a good synopsis of NSP:

Ninja Sex Party was about “a Jewish superhero who wears a unitard, with his best friend who’s a ninja, and together they sing songs about dicks, and try to hit [unsuccessfully] on women.”

Also, Ninja Brian is a retired theoretical physicist. Source.

I know it’s NSP’s diamond anniversary because I spent ages trying to find a quote attributed to Danny. This is impossible because he publishes content pretty much every damn day. That became a spiraling freefall into the YouTubian abyss. It wasn’t wasted time, though; the information I unearthed blossomed into this love letter addressed to NSP.

Anyway, the quote — Danny had referenced his and Brian’s artistic goals for what I think is the funniest band since the Lonely Island. The gist of the quote was: Do it for the art, not the fame. Simple and often overlooked advice, but it seems important in this social-media-driven time.

Giving up on finding the exact quote, my journey through the online vaults nevertheless continued. I’d gone down the Sexbang hole and wouldn’t be coming up for air anytime soon.

This hadn’t ever occurred to me. If it had, I’d forgotten. Source.

That thoughtful, empathetic man also gave us this piece of wisdom:

Thank you, source.

I’d offer a quote from Ninja Brian (keyboardist Brian Wecht), but he hasn’t said anything since the band’s inception in 2009. As Danny stated in an interview, “He’s a ninja. He’s taken a vow of silence. He speaks to murder.”

… Brian must’ve said something during his stage show, Ninja Brian’s All-Star Variety Luau Spectacular.



What is Ninja Sex Party, anyway?

A very abbreviated history: NSP is Dan Avidan (lead singer formerly of bands The Northern Hues and Skyhill) and Brian Wecht (professor of particle physics at esteemed educational institutions). They started making videos about a decade ago on what was — at the time — a fledgling YouTube after meeting through mutual friends at the UCB Theater.

Their early videos demonstrated a firm, confident grasp of Microsoft Paint.

Can we talk about those guys’ flexing pecs?

They have spent ten years growing in their presentation, production, and artistry. Their comedy, meanwhile, was a winner right out of the gate.

The following examples are just a taste of their extensive catalog.

They released a space odyssey devoted to the sexiest year, 6969, which was filled with whipped cream, a post-apocalyptic future rife with government-enforced chastity, and a time-traveling wang-shaped spaceship.

Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson featured as one of the Dick Elders, part of an authoritarian boner-based regime that helped institute an evil thousand-year sex ban. NSP must defeat them with their “tiem musheen spaceship” and a thousand-person orgy… It’s surprisingly literary.

NSP also released an album of covers, aptly titled Under the Covers, showing both an unexpected and delightful range.

For literally any other artist, this strategic move would signal the band’s desire to expand beyond their current category — for instance, breaking out of the “comedy” designation and into the “mainstream,” whatever that means nowadays.

… I think Danny and Brian just love these songs and wanted any excuse to sing them.

They don’t need a new strategy or a business coach or a vision board, anyway. They’ve climbed the Billboard charts regardless.

I can’t not think of this dog when I hear “Africa.” You’re welcome.

And then.

And then.

Then they got Stranger ThingsFinn Wolfhard to star as Young Danny in what has become a nerd anthem, Danny Don’t You Know.

This song looped in my brain for a week straight after it dropped.

Shit. Finn can shred.

As if they weren’t busy enough, NSP also teamed up with Canadian band Tupper Ware Remix Party (TWRP) individually, as their real selves, and as NSP, each band performing in the other’s videos:

Here’s a great blurb about TWRP from Clevescene.com’s article entitled, “Ninja Sex Party Brings Positive Reinforcement and Boner Rock to the Agora”:

[T]he stage was invaded by the Tupper Ware Remix Party, commonly known as TWRP, the house band for Ninja Sex Party and a futuristic funk act in their own right. Lead by guitarist Lord Phobos, bassist Commander Meouch, drummer Havve Hogan and keyboardist/lead singer Doctor Sung (who floated across the stage on a hoverboard), the audience collectively lost their fucking minds. A girl next to me, completely glued to recording the entire concert on her iPhone, wiped tears from her eyes the second Doctor Sung greeted the crowd.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Source.

(Also, props to that headline writer at Clevescene.com.)

I saw Ninja Sex Party live in Boston with TWRP and MC Chris. I have never laughed so hard at a stage show. I have never danced so much (TWRP has the best beats) or sung along with more enthusiasm, especially about dinosaur laser fights. Listening to a packed House of Blues sing, with absolute precision, about how “this took place in space! It did, so shut your face — also there were robots and sharks!”

Random student in video: “Doctor Sexbang, did this really happen?”

Dr. Danny Sexbang, substitute teacher: “… Uh, yeah!

Ninja Sex Party has brought me so much joy over the past ten years. Through their collaborations, they introduced me to artists I never would’ve discovered.

I’ve had bad mornings made better just by listening to “Orgy for One” or “Courtship of the Mermaid.”

They showed me it’s okay to test limits and push boundaries, to make a fool of yourself, to chase dreams purely for the artistic sake of them. The success they’ve enjoyed is a byproduct of their achievements, but it isn’t their main goal. The goal is the music. Everything that comes with it or because of it? A wonderful bonus.

They’ve also shown me the importance of having friends who elevate you. It’s said you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with…


Danny and Brian regularly release projects with TWRP, Arin Hanson from Game Grumps (the three of them form the pop-culture-themed band Starbomb), and plenty of other artists and singers and animators. These co-creations elevate the output of everyone involved. They make one another better.

This essay barely scratches the surface of NSP’s ten years’ worth of projects, and it doesn’t mention Danny’s collaborations within the endless and ever-growing Game Grumps universe. Ninja Brian even deployed his rapier wit for several Game Grumps episodes, including (among other things) playing games with his precious daughter.

How are Danny and Brian still physically functioning? When do they sleep? When do they relax? Game Grumps (you know, Danny’s day job) recently slowed down their breakneck production schedule from multiple episodes per day to only one or two. Burnout is a big problem among YouTube content creators, and it’s no wonder. Thinking about doing just one of those videos exhausts me.

And then they have a successful band on top of that, touring all over the world for sold-out crowds. The sheer magnitude of that pressure blows my mind.

Anyway. It’s probably after the fact, but whatever. Happy tenth anniversary to Ninja Sex Party, my favorite of comedy bands, a diamond in the rough that is YouTube — a band that always makes me smile, no matter what.

I’d jump into that cuddle puddle. Source.
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