How the new pass button works

Changing the “Match” page into a search page, with the OPTION to only show non-liked / non-passed / liked / bookmarked / mutually liked / previously hidden users seems useful. The current change however moved liked users from a page where they can be searched /filtered (not by the criteria above though) to a dumb list without any of that functionality.

Moving hiding from the normal UI to deep in the preferences means that the only easy method to remove people that you don’t want to see all the time, is to block them.

(I do not use the swiping functionality, Tinder exists for that)

The current state of the site is unusable… It used to be a good site with an okay app. The app slowly dragged the site down, when they matched in features, useful features started to be removed from both one by one until both ended up offering nothing useful in comparison to the competition.

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