You don’t need passion for your industry. But you do founder-market fit.
Benny Tjia

Hi Benny,

Recently read your article, and I might have a good startup for you.

I think Fuller Buildings would be a good fit for you since there are strong and unique network effects, these include but are not limited to;

(Development of personal digital assistant; Buckybot for online B2C building customization, to be built by e.g. Haptik, or, and Fuller Concierge, for online Lifestyle Management services)

I am working on a building, the main concept is that the building floats.
There are 2 products potential customers can pre-order
(Prototype landingpages can be found here);
1) Fuller Villa Frontier (to be placed in California)
2) Fuller Villa Classic (to be placed in Singapore)

Also, if interested, I am offering you a job ;)

Feel free to contact me on;