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  • Matías Halles

    Matías Halles

    I like computers, most people, music, the outdoors and parties. And food. Tech Director @Wikot Chile. Founder at @faqwomen, @faqmen, @zoup, @electrofilia, et al

  • Mike Treanor

    Mike Treanor

    Mike is a software developer, chemist, motivational speaker, parent, and musician who writes about creativity and human nature.

  • Jantine Zandbergen

    Jantine Zandbergen

    Designer at @BurstDigital. Writer for @BeautifulBzarre. Into symmetry, books, pine forests, and mysteries. Might have a small Animal Crossing addiction.

  • Jantine Zandbergen

    Jantine Zandbergen

    Designer. Creator and editor of Bleaq, an art blog focussing on the melancholic, bleak side of fine arts, illustration, design and photography.

  • Thijmen Klompmaker

    Thijmen Klompmaker

    Cinglé du Mont Ventoux

  • Surge


    Shipping web projects should be fast, easy, and low risk. Surge helps deliver.

  • Yann Girard

    Yann Girard

    I think, live & breathe here: http://yanngirard.com

  • Caleb Wursten

    Caleb Wursten

    3x Founder/Co-Founder. Former White House intern.

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