Disney’s Chunky UI


There’s a trend in mobile, and I like it. Chunky UI is moving us forward on our mobile devices faster than ever. It’s also allowing us to spend more than ever. I used to avoid using mobile for complex purchasing experiences, but when I recently bought park tickets on Disney’s mobile web I noticed a few delightful improvements.

  1. Chunk: Calls to Action don’t have to be buttons, they can be chunks of information. This is a UX Designers dream, take note, there is not one single button within the park options. Users select experiences, not buttons.
  2. Clear Selection: Large chunky selected states provide confidence in the system and encourage users to move forward. Check boxes and radio buttons must die on mobile.
  3. Defaults: Providing defaults speed up a process immensely. Data will guide majority verses edge case. Making assumptions are good in this case.
  4. Prioritization of Actions: A hierarchy that supports not only business goals, but consumer goals. Disney stands to profit an average of $110 per person. With this kind of revenue potential, tickets should be number one on your home page.

Thank you Disney for making one of your touch points as painless as possible. Now, let’s talk about the lines.