GESTALT Robotics joins MoDiSeM

Over the past months we have been actively looking for partners to align with goals and ideas of the future we set ourself up to. We now proudly announce, that we joined forces with MoDiSeM, a ZiM network (Central Innovation Programme for the Mid-sized Sector) specializing in long-term innovations concerning mobility.

Where its core focus revolves around automating mobile services in business, another strong emphasis is put on enabling mobility for people with impairments of such. More specifically, the core topics are autonomous transport, automated services and electric vehicle infrastructure in non-public or Semi-Public areas, service automation using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and the general support of mobility of people.

The MoDiSeM network is an incredible amalgamation of companies and institutions of various competencies and degrees of experience. From start-ups to institutions with century-old tradition under their belt, bundling such a wide array of expertise creates amazing synergistic effects to foster innovation processes: the young inject R&D with curiosity and the experienced can show the right avenues to focus the team’s energy.

MoDiSeM Network Services

  • Investigation and Evaluation of Customer Requests, Market Analyzes
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Innovation Management
  • Management of Health Processes
  • Research and Development
  • Teaching, Education and Training
  • Testing, Validating, Evaluating, Certification
  • Sales, Marketing of Products and Services
  • Care, Support of Patients or Disabled People
  • Economic Development

GESTALT offers a broad portfolio and MoDiSeM with all it’s imbrication does not only synergize well with us, but also widens our own horizon to a great degree. Where we add and compliment the portfolio, the network in turn supports us with knowledge in a variety of adjacent fields.

Subject-specific Competences

  • Automation Technology, Process Automation, Measurement and Control Technology
  • Robotics, Motion Automation, Robot Collaboration
  • Autonomous Driving, Driver Assistance
  • Electrically Powered Small Vehicles, Electric Motor Control
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Pattern Recognition, Classification
  • Sensors, Multimodal Sensors, Sensor Data Fusion
  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Micro Energy Harvesting (MEH)
  • Contactless Energy and Data Transmission
  • Human-Machine Interaction, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), User Centered Design
  • Digital Communication
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industry 4.0, Workplace 4.0, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Medical Technology, Orthopedics
  • Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)
  • Digital Building and Terrain Modeling
  • Positioning, Navigation
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) in the context of Technical Developments

The networks working method revolves around internal workshops usually held at it’s partners’ premises to refresh in a new environment, experience new perspectives and build competences through R&D initiatives. Plus, it is supporting all efforts with outward activities like press releases and marketing.

If you have any further questions about MoDiSeM, the network itself or even consider joining feel free to contact Mister Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky via +49 30 814563–350 and Additionally you can find out more about GESTALT Robotics at and by talking to GESTALT’s Thomas Staufenbiel at +49 30 616 515 60 and