Opinion: I’m not a bigot. I just don’t care about minorities.
Manny Brown

I kinda understand the part about you not being (or at least feeling that you are not) a bigot, but you missed the mark big-time about Trump “getting it”. Like all good con men, and he is without any doubt a con man, he certainly appears to understand “it”, but only as a means to his own goals and aggrandizement.

And that’s the part you don’t get. All the troubling telltale signs of a con are there; you listed some yourself and yet the too-good-to-be-true messages he brings keep you coming for more. Like the senior who is gradually sweet-talked out of her life savings, one call at a time, you knowingly accept the lying, the misinformation and undeniable sociopathic behaviour. Yet you have the naïveté to accept what he promises – you believe him.

What most Americans really don’t get is that there is a real difference between wanting to be (campaigning to be) the president and being a president. The con man has no idea how to follow thru on his promises, he only knows how to deceive in order for the victim to trust him and give him what he wants.

I totally understand your desperate need for change, but to knowingly place your trust in a con because he happens to be in the race is the ultimate in intellectual laziness. And if you think that label has been unfairly applied to you, look at what you have said in just this article. The premise of this article that you’re not a bigot because you don’t even bother to think about others and your dislike of Obama simply because, as you say, there is just something about him, both attest to you simply not thinking. How lazy can one mind get. Unfortunately you are only one of millions of Americans who demonstrate this kind of blind following and sheer laziness in forming your opinions.

At this point America can only hope that Trump’s chosen advisors, cabinet, vice presidential running mate and high level Republican officials will be able to guide or bypass him toward some semblance of effective governance…or…like any other con man, have him charged, convicted and jailed. Unfortunately Trump is very adept at buying/lying/denying his way out of his illegal activities, as he did just this week with his fraudulent university.

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