“Where positions for women will go to trans women” (corrections mine):
Mimi Herrmann

Right ……

when a man who goes through puberty as a man decides to compete on a women , team because he is now a woman and consistently defeats the women who have trained because of his male biological advantage .Yet is somehow still a woman ( have you even thought of why men and women compete in different sports team).

When a ‘trans ‘woman who has zero experience in dealing with women issues because women and males are socialized differently dismiss women concerns (as has happened-wearing heels to work , enjoying being catcalled )

When words like vagina , uterus and breast feeding are ‘’triggering ‘’ to trans women ,so women are unable to discuss those issues in female spaces(has currently happens online)

When trans women ‘’perform’ woman hood because all women are supposed to like make or dressing up further narrowing the definitions of femaleness to fit patriarchy ideals

You think you are being ‘’open’’ and welcoming when all you are is misguided and by the time you ‘’liberal feminist ’ realize your folly it will be too late for us all.

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