What male privilege do you think I had?
Nancy Curtis

Yes rape is much worse than being murder , at least with murder the pain ends. Do you think that trans people are the only one being killed on a daily basis ? By my calculation 21 trans people have been killed this year , do you know the many women have been killed this year alone ?An average of 3 women are killed daily but you don’t care about that.No because as a failed man you want to cry about how hard life is for you and take away the protections people less fortunate that you have -cry me a fucking river and get in line . Didn’t you realize that being a woman is dangerous business , tell how many tran — whatever you are are trafficked yearly ? that will be none . How many have been skinned or used to baby making farms that will be zero as well . Yet you come on here to cry about you lack or privilege which you gave up by the way because you thought wearing a dress would be cool or it would be fun to be ‘’non binary ‘’. Really really .

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