10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail For Gen Y

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on January 14, 2016.

By knowing exactly why your relationship is failing, you can take steps to avoid it.

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Even though we claim to be the better generation, why then do we fail at sustaining our relationships? Why do we fight with our partners over silly reasons? There are a couple of factors that lead to failure in relationships. Here are ten reasons why relationships fail for Gen Y:

1. Lack of time.

We have found so many ways of staying busy that we have no time left for our partners. Apart from work and family, we have too many commitments, like gymming, being at the sports club or planning trips with friends. Essentially, not much of our day is left actually to spend time with the love of our life.

2. Fear of commitment.

We believe in the concept of friends with benefits to such an extent that we don’t want to get into a real relationship. This is the reason why most of the time we try to avoid discussions on commitment and future of our relationship.

3. Too many dating sites to explore.

We are never content with what we have. We like the idea of exploring for a better option. With so many dating sites to explore, it has become easier to find possible matches around us, and we love that idea.

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4. Too many career goals to achieve.

With so many degrees and certificates resting in our cupboards, we keep hunting for better prospects to make the most of those qualifications. The list of our career goals keeps growing each day, hardly leaving any time for us to focus on what could’ve been the perfect love life.

5. Fear of emotional investment.

We are good as long as the relationship is ‘feelings-free’. As soon as we start falling for the other person, we start getting scared and start looking for the perfect opportunity to end things.

6. Not making enough compromises.

We’re so used to having things our way that we never even consider going their way. Healthy relationships are all about making sacrifices to ensure your partner feels valued, but we fail at doing so.

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7. Waiting for that perfect partner.

Maybe we have TV series or books to blame, but our expectations have gone far too high when it comes to finding the perfect partner. Though the idea of perfect might vary from person to person, the hunt never ends.

8. Too many social networking sites.

Having far too many platforms to communicate is a problem in itself. We start poking our partners on every possible social networking site and expect a response. “You were online, but you didn’t reply” is a common complaint which has caused many breakups.

9. Lack of seriousness.

We have so many options available that we forget to cherish our partners. We start taking them lightly and stop paying attention to their needs and expectations. This lack of seriousness proves to be fatal for the relationship eventually.

10. Trying to run away from the wedding talk.

No matter how strongly we feel about the other person, the thought of getting married and settling down with them somewhat scares us. Thoughts like “what if he’s not the one?” or “what if we get fed up with each other?” keep haunting us.

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