Lessons in Leadership from Comicbook Superheroes

You’ve read about them in comic books or seen them adapted in movies — now it’s time to use their knowledge to grow as a leader. So shelve away those heavy management books and audiobooks on motivation. Then dust away your comic book collection and get started on leadership — superhero style.

Train like Batman

Whether it’s martial arts, weaponry or guerrilla warfare — The Batman is constantly training to be better every day. This aside, he also takes time out to train future leaders like the many Robins and the Nightwing. Training yourself is key to growing your company, so is taking time to ensure that there are future leaders who can too.

Use Anger like The Hulk

Your anger is a gift — and if you know how to use it for the greater good like the Hulk, then you’ll know how to use power wisely. Using your anger when the moment arises means that you know exactly how and when to react to a situation, and when not to react at all. It’s good to be nice, it’s also good to get angry to drive your point home sometimes.

Follow your Instincts like Daredevil

When you’re a blind superhero, you really have no choice but to amplify your other senses. Instinct plays a big role here, and for survival in general. Some business deals just don’t feel right, some great business ideas feel weak when you apply instinct. In a time when a lot of people rely on research, instinct can be a really valuable ace up your sleeve.

Use your Imagination like Green Lantern

Using his ring and his imagination, the Green Lantern can think up anything he wants and use it as a weapon to fight evil in the universe. Likewise, imagination and how to use it to solve a business problem can be a huge advantage. Now here’s the tough part — only when you exercise your imagination regularly can you invoke it at will.

Innovate like Iron Man

Iron Man knows technology and how to use it. A key factor here is that technology gets outdated very fast. But Tony Stark aka the Iron Man is always a step ahead. This is what the best leaders do — never really settling for what’s good now, always looking to see where the future is headed. Just because a step ahead is a great place to lead from.

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