Crypto Exchange Security — Instant Access vs Protection

What security does your exchange employ?

For many many years technology in our society has continued to condition us towards instant gratification for everything we do on a daily basis. From instant news, instant coffee, instant transport, instant messenger, all at our figure tips. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain claim to want to do the same thing for transactions and many other facets of our digital life. 
Some cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets solutions have offered good products to appeal and meet this demand society has created, but often skips a step in protecting the end user.

This protection is what is slowing mass adoption. “What if i loose my funds”

As the “Crypto Finance” sector matures there must be a greater focus on client fund protection and recovery, not instant access. Many high street banks ove to call and text us about a “suspicious transaction” and block us out to our own funds as they claim “they know best” and their “protecting our best interest”, maybe their on to something? But what banks have failed to do time and time again

getFIFO operate a time delay of Crypto withdrawals to add an additional layer of security and protection. Our withdraw process is by no means slow, but this delay brings with it a massive security feature as well as a “manual review” process of destination addresses to ensure safe