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Honestly, I get that Nike is seen as a giant corporation trying to make a profit. But like??? What do you expect? It’s a brand. That makes clothes. And shoes. It’s not a charity. It’s not a not-for-profit organization. And you know what? They make deals with athletes. Big named athletes. So I don’t get all the criticisms sometimes. I actually like that commercial. And at the end of the day, Nike doesn’t have to ‘play the part of a charity organization’ because that’s not what it is. But it still does. I for one, appreciate the efforts. And I think some people are way too cynical. Too much focus is put on the ‘bottom line’ — where does the money go? Who cares. I see a POC on TV, and I’m here for it. Love it. How could anyone possibly say, that visual equality, especially on high profile brands and their marketing tactics, does not make an impact? Do you know how much it would mean to me, to see someone from my country doing an ad for a company like Nike? Representation matters. And I don’t think it’s fair to downplay the importance of that. And I also love how you pointed out that corruption and chaos make up society. So thanks for writing about this!

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