NetworKING and Progress Check

Part 1 — The Power of social media

The past few weeks have been fun for SYZO. Momentum is growing and different aspects of our vision are beginning to click into place. We launched our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles (@getSYZO on all three, give us a follow!) and began releasing some initial content across all three platforms. Alongside this we have written and released blogs such as this one, with competition heating up amongst the founders for who can get the most views and likes! (Do me a favour and hit the heart at the bottom of this page…)

But this isn’t just for fun, it’s part of our long-term strategy to build a following and community before we launch our first project. For us, it’s all about the network.

Every man, woman and dog is aware these days of the power that social media holds in today’s connected society. For someone aged between 12–50 chances are they spend the majority of their waking hours on the Internet, primarily on the three apps I mentioned above. We at SYZO have already felt the power of Facebook’s network, in fact, it’s how we were started! Matt messaged me one cold November evening in 2016 expressing an interest in the property deals I had been doing. From there we chatted over Facebook messenger and the next weekend SYZO was born.


In particular this can be a great place to network and there are a number of open and closed property groups you can join. They’re full of like-minded people who will happily give advice and offer recommendations for professional services. This has led to a number of useful contacts for us e.g. accountants and architects, that we would not have otherwise found. As we develop and grow SYZO we’ll also certainly utilise Facebook’s advertising suite to promote our projects and help spread the word to the wider community.


A key marketing weapon in any company’s arsenal, Instagram has allowed us to build a small following quickly and push out interesting content daily. We all have a passion for design so posting geeky pictures of board-marked concrete and quirky interiors is encouraged, not frowned upon! And it seems that more and more property related companies are using Instagram as a tool to advertise and gain credibility. In fact, I found a great waste removal company on there recently! (And the others say I’m sad?!)

East Eight are one of our favourite developers to follow on this platform (@e8_developements) as they share a lot of their background work and due diligence, an ethos that co-founder Nicole Bremner (@nsbremner) has impressively cultivated. Nicole regularly speaks about the power of social media for property companies on her personal account, which has over 8000 followers, and is a great role model for any aspiring property entrepreneur. So, when Nicole mentioned us in her #fiveonfriday post we were pretty chuffed and it has certainly seen our profile get a few more clicks.


Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is definitely society’s ‘tea point’. It’s the Internet’s place to stand and chat, shoot the sh*t, if you will. For property networking it’s great to dive into debates about the latest governmental housing white paper or change in policy and keep up to date with the current state of the union within real estate and investing. However, at the moment our activity on Twitter is somewhat restricted as it’s trickier to engage with our end user, certainly more so than FB, so for now our focus will remain on the latter.

In our next blog we’ll speak about the power of networking face to face and some of the experiences we’ve had recently whilst doing so.

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