Who lives in a co-living building?

If the idea of co-living has captured your interest and you’re keen to understand the concept in greater depth, you might also be intrigued to find out about the type of people that could live in a SYZO building.

So the following is a non-exhaustive list. Enjoy!

1. Digital Nomads

Predictions made in 2010 that 40% of the UK workforce will be freelance by 2020 are manifesting as expected, leading to a vast number of young professionals working not from an office, but wherever there’s an internet connection. This new style of working demands a flexible housing solution that is focused around professionals and built to service their demands — enter co-living. This transient and professionally competent sector of the population would be great to share dinner with.

2. Entrepreneurs

These hard working, sociable bunch are ever gaining popularity in today’s modern society. No doubt working long hours and dying to tell you about their next million pound idea, co-living spaces create a great atmosphere to inspire interaction between like-minded people.

3. Corporate Workers

Super busy at work and sometimes getting a hard time from that boss they’re not too keen on, these guys want an easy, hassle-free life when they return home. They also want the chance to socialise on a Friday after another tough week. SYZO’s solution gives you all of that and more, so you’ll no doubt make friends with a heap of these guys.

4. Startup Founders

A crazy bunch, startup founders have enthusiasm and passion like no other, always pushing to turn that dream into a reality. They love to network and meet knew people so no doubt they will be the first to say hello.

5. Everybody Else

Ok, so this is slightly tongue in cheek, I don’t mean quite literally everyone else on the planet, but maybe just the vast majority?! Besides the type of people we’ve outlined above, co-living is great for your normal working, happy in life 18–39 year old, so expect to bump into a lot of these, too.

Whilst not an extensive list, this gives you a quick flavour of some of the type of people who you might come across if you choose to take a positive step and become part of a co-living community.

As always if you want to know more or learn in greater depth what it is SYZO is hoping to achieve, check us out on @getsyzo or drop me an email on jono@syzo.co