Working Nomadically

I am going through a transition. Not only in my personal life, I have just married my fiancée in Greece, which is pretty big, but also in my professional life too.

At the moment I am writing this sat on the ‘Tera Jet’ ferry from Paros to Tinos (yes, I am on my honeymoon!) and it got me thinking about the way we are beginning to work and live.

My generation are commonly referred to as ‘millennials’ and unfortunately this has some negative connotations. Older generations often find millennials flighty, unsettled and entitled, which to some extent is true (apart from the entitled bit!). We are not like the generations before us who enjoyed the security of a job for life and a reliable, guaranteed pension. Millennials have been raised in uncertain economic times where new technology has made jobs plentiful and transient. More and more of my friends have had at least 3 jobs since leaving university, if not more, and some have changed careers entirely.

The knock on effect of this changing attitude is that employers are more likely to allow nomadic and remote working, if only to keep you happy so you don’t leave for another job!

For this trip I only have my iPhone 6s Plus and some £5 Skull Candy earphones. That’s it. From this device I have been managing emails, responding to my fellow directors and making calls to facilitate the progress of our startup, as well as listening to my favourite audiobooks and podcasts. All whilst sitting happily on the beach!

More of us are becoming comfortable with running our lives from the convenience of our palm (we don’t even really need laptops anymore) and so far on this trip I have used apps like Google Sheets, DocuSign, Dropbox and notes to keep things ticking over. When all of my pals have found wi-fi in beachside cafes to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. I have taken the time to respond to emails and edit documents for SYZO.

My now wife and I (for now me more so…) are transitioning from a mindset of ‘I have to be in an office in the U.K. to be productive’ to a mindset more resembling ‘I would be much more productive if I chose where I worked and lived’ and I can see a few of my close friends are toying with this mindset shift too. Obviously both situations come with their positive and negative arguments and these are deeply personal, but essentially it boils down to lifestyle and your ties to a particular location.

The rise of ‘digital nomadism’ will give the younger generations more opportunity to choose which part of the planet they like best; as long as there is a good internet connection and a decent coffee shop within walking distance.

Here at SYZO we are welcoming the transition. I would like to see a day where all of our members worked nomadically between different SYZO buildings around the world. I believe it would create a more productive and happy work force that would live the SYZO message of community and togetherness within buildings.

If you like the SYZO vibe and would like to help or get involved, then drop me an email at and let’s chat!