How using aio* helps us run aio*

Max von Preuschen on using the company’s app to help run the company — user testing and utility combined.

As CTO and software developer for aio* it is my responsibility to have an oversight of all the aspects regarding building our budget and expense management app. Next to writing code for our application, I also have to make sure the whole ecosystem of our app is functioning.

But being an app developer doesn’t mean you can or should solve every problem yourself. There a many third party software and service providers we heavily rely on to outsource part of the job. Things like sending out emails to customers, creating reports and the whole distribution of our app are done through tech service providers who specialise in these tasks and who are able to do a far better job in solving these problems than we could ever hope for.

Of course most companies who provide a quality service need to be paid for it. Paying services online heavily relies on having access to a valid payment method (mostly debit or credit cards), making sure that there are enough funds available and there are no other payment issues which could potentially threaten a flawless user experience. After all, it’s hard to explain to your customers why the app isn’t working or why they didn’t receive an important email just because we didn’t pay our bills. If only there was an app, which helps managing these kind of business expenses… but wait, there is — and we are building it: aio*

With aio* every employee gets their own prepaid debit card. Funds can be easily requested and allocated. Every time a transaction has been made with your aio* card you will receive a notification on your phone. You can upload receipts to transactions directly through the app and assign categories for accounting purposes.

Currently all third party services used for aio* like AWS or Mailchimp are being paid with my own aio* card. Our app makes it possible to have an overview of our own business spendings. I immediately know, if there is enough money left to pay our technical bills and once there isn’t, I can alway request more.

aio* also makes it possible to create and manage separate budgets destined for different aspects and purposes of the company. It’s always good to know, there is enough money left in the “Tech & Development Budget” for this month. Once a service is paid, I’m informed immediately and can rest assured there won’t be any unforeseen outages — at least not those related to payment issues.

Furthermore by using aio* for building aio*, we can do valid live tests and help our own accounting in the same move. It’s a clear win-win for us, and for our app.

Being able to use your own product and benefit from it while keeping the business running is a neat validation of your app’s purpose and use case of your own service.