Over the years lotteries have become a very popular way of entertainment and for some people they have been a life changing experience. Some say it was a blessing, others would claim it turned out to be a nightmare. And we think there are rules each big winner must know to make this unique experience safe and stress free. We have summarized all you need to know should the magical lottery jackpot hit you one day!

First thing first, check your ticket and keep calm

People who won astonishingly big amounts in lotteries would not believe it happened to them. Take your time, visit an official lottery website and…

Since the invention of the internet, every single thing is now done from the convenience of your home and from an internet enabled device. You can make business transactions, book hotels and even learn courses online. It does not come as a shock that lotteries have taken the hint and migrated to using the internet to achieve its aim. Now you can play the lottery online. Since its invention, numerous online lotteries have sprung up and are changing the face of lottery generally. People are still playing and people are still winning but how viable are these online lotteries.

Free Lotto

Just like its name implies, free lotto has created an avenue where you can win money for free and all that is needed for registration is your email address, your name and your postal address. It is indeed an easy way to make money online but questions have been popping out as to how they generate income and it turns out that they offer sponsored advertising during game play and through email. Free lotto offers 6 chances to win every day; the daily jackpot, win a car, pay off your mortgage, fast cash, give away and the ultimate prize of…

Lotteries have been providing a means of revenue for lucky individuals for a long time now, private lotteries in countries have sprung up to both aid individuals who participate and to also aid themselves as well. It didn’t come as a surprise when countries decided to jump on this band wagon as a means to provide jobs and also to supplement the finances of the government. This was the initiative taken by the government of Kerala and Thailand hence the introduction of the Kerala and the Thailand lottery.

Kerala lottery

This lottery was founded since 1967 in India and is still waxing strong till date. Numerous winners have emerged from the multiple selections of their draws. At the Kerala lottery, a winner is guaranteed every day of the week as there are different types of lottery. While this is beneficial to the winners of any of these draws, it is quite pertinent to note that as all lotteries entails, it might actually take a while before you can win big on any lottery scheme as with the Kerala lottery. It does not assure you your winnings every day, it only…

Lotteries have changed lives of people miraculously for a good long time now. They have been changed the lifestyles of many a people the world over. Given below are some of the biggest prize money ever won.

Powerball ,$1.5 billion on Jan, 2015:

The winning tickets of this lottery was sold in the Chino Hills of California; Munford in Tennessee; and in the Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Balbir Atwal, the owner of a 7-Eleven franchise in the Chino Hills had sold one winning ticket; he himself won a staggering sum of $1 million as a bonus for selling such a big winning ticket.

Mega Millions ,$656 million, March 30, 2012:

According to the company, Mega Millions, it was the largest jackpot ever pooled by any of the lotteries in the world ever. However like most grand prizes, the prize had been split among the multiple winning tickets holders with the correct…

The moment you win the lottery, it is natural that you will be puzzled by innumerous questions and doubts. At this time it is extremely imperative that you choose smart options to manage your fortune. First and most importantly you should sign at the back of the ticket as soon as you get to know about your win. After signing the back of the lottery ticket make sure to comply to the following steps, as they will guide your way to a hassle free lottery claim.

Maintain anonymity if possible

If the State rules permit, make sure to take all the necessary steps that will help you to remain anonymous in case you win the lottery. Maintaining anonymity will save you from a large number of people including long lost friends and relatives who will suddenly develop interest in your finances.

Take legal and financial advice

At the time when you win the lottery, you will have to hire professionals to manage your financial plan. Hiring professionals will guide you regarding taxes and other legal formalities that will come your way once you win the prize money.

Avoid drastic lifestyle changes

It is advisable that for the initial six…

Powerball continues to top the charts in terms of popularity by being the most played lottery all the way from the United States of America to Europe. At some point of our lives we all have been enticed by the game of lottery. If you too wish to try your luck at lottery, there a few things you need to know about the dynamics of this game. We have a list of things that will help you out to venture into the world of lottery. Let’s take a look at the essential requirements that need to be fulfilled before you try your hands at Powerball lottery.


To begin with the game of lottery first of all you need to register yourself at reliable, licensed, and verified lottery retailers as they are the ones who will take on the responsibility to buy powerball tickets for you.


The second step requires you to verify your email account after receiving a link post the registration process is complete. The verification will come with the assurance of your approved membership with the online lottery re-seller.


Once you are done with the registration and verification process, you need to choose the powerball draw in which you would like to participate. You…

There are numerous lottery tools that will make the most of your lottery numbers. Here are the tools that can be used for winning a lottery.

The Lucky Gene

The Lucky Gene is a free lottery tool that provides up-to-date lottery results, statistics, numbers, and lottery wheels. There is no registration or membership required and no installation is needed. A table of number pickers will ask you to choose any six numbers. However, you have to verify that winning draw date matches the drawing date on your ticket. Lottery wheels enable you to generate tickets. The table will mention you about numbers to be chosen, tickets that have been generated, and a guarantee ratio.

Powerball Tools

The Powerball tools are best to create and play your tickets.

Ball Set History: The…

In tsarist Russia, the holding of one of the first lotteries was marked by the reforms of Peter the Great and dates back to the beginning of the XVIII century.

Its founder is the Moscow watchmaker Jacob Gassenus. The drawing of the lottery was organized in such a way that two children got lottery tickets from the box, and Gassenus immediately gave the lucky winners appropriate prizes. Subsequently, there were attempts to conduct lotteries privately, but they were severely suppressed by the authorities.

The first documentary evidence mentioning the lottery in Russia is the tsar’s decree of Catherine II on holding the first state lottery, published in 1764. By this time in tsarist Russia, only private lotteries were held, in which valuable items seized for debts were played. The organizers…

In England, beginning of lottery holdings is associated with the name of one of the most outstanding personalities of the British monarch Queen Elizabeth I and falls on 1559, the first year of her reign.

Just at this time the kingdom had serious economic difficulties, while England was actually in a state of war and economic blockade.

Politicians, surrounding the queen, bound the state’s way out of this situation with the successful marriage of Elizabeth I with some strong foreign monarch of the time, but Elizabeth had a very strong character, and flatly refused such a political maneuver and said that was not going to get married, and she knew how to fix the country’s financial situation. And who would have thought that the young queen offered to hold a lottery. …

Between the XV and XVII centuries lottery drawings are widely used throughout Europe. The first mention of the lottery holding in the European countries is associated with the raffle, which was organized by the widow of the Flemish artist Jan van Eyck, timed to the 25th anniversary of his death. The lottery was held in Bruges, today’s Belgium, and dates back to the 27th of February 1466. Anyone who bought a lottery ticket could take part in the lottery and get a monetary reward. The money raised went to support the urban poor. After 1466 all kinds of lottery were held in Belgium, through which chapels, almshouses, canals, and port facilities were built.

Events of 1515, which occurred in the Republic of Genoa, reveal to us the mystery of the origin of the word “lottery”. In the XV century in Genoa during the elections to local self-government body (the Grand Council) 90 candidates were elected, then by the final round it was required to select only 5 most worthy candidates. To get the fairest result, it was decided to hold a special lottery formula 5 of 90, thereby passing the final word “Lotto”, which means in a translation from Italian “Destiny”. In addition, there is a perception among the linguists, that the word…


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