The Amazing Features Of Apple iPhone 6 Plus

With the introduction of iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has stepped into the category of large screen phones which are commonly known as phablets. By providing two variants of iPhone 6 they have catered to both the kind of audiences. The iPhone 6 is for those who like small handy phones whereas the Plus version is for the ones who like to view their content on larger screens.

To Sell Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB T-mobile has highlighted the following features of the phone which will be loved by the audience:


One thing which definitely is the highpoint of the phone is the large display standing at 5.5 inches. Although the phone is really sizeable but it is not uncommon in the market with so many other companies having phones almost similar in size. The phone boasts a full HD 1920 x 1080 display having 401 PPI so the phone is a definite winner when it comes to clarity and your eyes are in for some serious treat.


The compact size of the earlier models made it easy to reach all the four corners of the phone with one hand but the big iPhone 6 Plus cannot be accessed with one hand. For larger iOS interface and most of the apps, the navigation is located at the top which is different from other Android versions where the back button is at the bottom. Apple has provided a solution for this in the form of “reachability”. Check it in the settings, you can bring the top apps down by double tapping on the home screen and easily access all the apps.


The iPhone 6 Plus is a rather smart looking phablet coming in some very attractive colors. There is no doubt that it is a pleasing device which oozes a lot of class, decency, and style. The design and the look justify the increased price tag at which it comes. The profile is very slender and the smooth, brushed rear offers an easy grip on the phone. Because of the size of the phone, the power key has been removed from the traditional top of the phone to the side for ease of access.


Apple does a great job of integrating the iOS with the internal components of the device in a fine manner. The phone has a 1.39GHz dual-core A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 64-bit architecture. For daily usage, iPhone 6 Plus runs quite smoothly without causing any sort of issue. There are some preinstalled apps in the phone but you can delete a few of them which proves to be a relief if they are useless for you.

Not only this but there are a number of other reasons too which make iPhone 6 Plus a great buy. By selling iPhone 6 Plus 16GB, T-Mobile and other retailers have made a lot of money because of the size and other incredible features.