Blogo 2.4: The Medium Edition is now available

We love announcing updates. Every tiny feature and improvement we add is a crucial step on our journey of building the most powerful tool for bloggers and writers to share their stories.

Today we’re thrilled to share with you one of our biggest adds so far: Medium integration.

It all started several weeks ago…

when Ev William announced that Medium’s API was finally out on this awesome post.

Here at Blogo we’re all huge fans of Medium and how they’re changing the way people share stories. So we were all ecstatic to hear the big news.

When I say ecstatic you can picture something like this:

So we rolled up our sleeves and did what we do best: worked hard to make Medium available on Blogo ASAP.

One of our biggest challenges was to design the experience of this brand new integration. Since there are still several restrictions on the API, we knew we wouldn’t be able to offer all the features we do for other platforms (like WordPress and Blogger).

So we thought about how we could build something simple but powerful. Something that would help bloggers and writers share their stories and reach more people. It’s not just about adding a new feature — it’s about empowering bloggers and making the writing process easier and faster.

And finally, after a full month of work, here it is: The Medium Edition. We’re proud to announce that you can now couple the power of Blogo with the awesomeness of Medium.

This new version was made with love to all Medium bloggers and future Medium bloggers. And here’s why you should hop on board with us to power up the way you write and publish your stories:

Introducing Mirrors: increase audience’s reach and engagement

If you want to get the most out of Medium’s power of viralizing stories, Blogo is perfect for you.

With our Mirrors feature you will be able to publish your post on your WordPress/Blogger blog and automatically replicate the content on your Medium blog. Blogo will keep your blog as the original source so you can get Medium’s audience without losing out on SEO and content control.

Want to understand better how important this is to your SEO and content control? Learn more about canonical URL here.

A perfect workflow to compose your Medium Stories

If you don’t have any blog other than Medium, Blogo is still the right place for you. You can instantly add as many Medium accounts as you want and enjoy Blogo’s powerful content production tools.

Live Preview will let you see your post exactly how it will look when your readers see it. Our built-in Image Editor is perfect for adjusting your images and adding visual appeal to your story. The Extension is perfect for instantly adding any content from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other awesome services.

And Internet connection won’t be a problem. Blogo will save everything you’re writing automatically, even if you’re offline. So you can publish it once you get connected again.

You can even choose if your post is private or public and add Creative Commons attributions to your story.

API restrictions and next steps

We’re happy to finally support Medium. And we know there’s still work to do.

Since Medium’s API access is restricted we still can’t bring the full experience of Blogo to the platform. Unfortunately for now it’s not possible to moderate comments and make any edits in stories saved as draft or published on Medium.

You can actually help us make this integration better by sending a tweet to Medium.

We’re optimistic and anxiously hoping to get fuller access to the API soon.

This is just the first step, and there’s a lot of great things to come. We’re all excited and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Medium Edition.

This post was originally posted on Blogo's blog. From now on we will use this Medium account to share stories and keep updating our blog with tips about blogging, writing and content production!