How can ALEX increase enrollment?

ALEX is working with educational providers to increase enrollment and access to higher education. Here is how.

Here are a few videos of the CEO & Co-Founder answering ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for institutions.


What is ALEX?

How does it work?

Who are the students?

Who is paying?

How do payments work?

What about graduate courses and course requirements?

What are the benefits of using ALEX?

Why are we working on ALEX?

How do we get started?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about ALEX. For your educational provider to join the platform you can enter information for a course here and we will upload it to ALEX, and you can see how it looks. We can remove it easily at any time.

If you have additional questions or would like us to walk you though the process email

We look forward to increasing access for students and increasing visibility for your university.


Sergio Marrero

Co-Founder & CEO, Anyone’s Learning Experience (ALEX)